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Most Inspiring Templates for Your New Financial Website

Many financial websites have a boring design that’s cold, drab and uninspiring. But just because you’re building a finance themed website doesn’t mean you have to follow in their footsteps. There are plenty of great templates that are inspiring, beautiful and sleek while maintaining the professional look you’re likely going for. Here are some of the most inspiring ones that we’ve found for the finance sector.

Most Inspiring Templates for Your New Financial Website
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1. Accountant Multipage Website

This accounting based template has a beautiful, professional and sleek look that we love. It adds a personal touch by featuring a slider photo of a service rep making eye contact. The design also does a good job by listing the phone number and address of the business at the very top of the fold. The call to action at the top right is a smart addition to the design as well.

2. Financial Advisor Responsive Template

This template for financial advisors starts out with an interesting graphic that catches your eye. It is followed up by attractive icons and selling points for the business’ services. The layout is clean and helps the content stand out. The final touch is the transition graphic to the bottom half of the main page that informs the visitors that the content is different.

3. The Invest

Many financial websites will choose white colors for the main content to ensure that there is nothing hindering communication. The Invest is another template that does this but it incorporates colorful icons similar to how many web hosting sites do. Like the web hosting sites, the icons are intricately designed and vibrant so that they can draw the eye and highlight each selling point or feature.

4. FinVertex

Sometimes you need color contrast to draw the attention of your visitors. FinVertex uses blue, green, white and gray in a careful manner to help its design stand out. The template uses a minimalist design and is focused on getting visitors to take some kind of action. It achieves this with the different colors and the limited navigation options available on the template.

5. Finanbox

Finanbox is a template that starts with a large hero image with oversized headlines. It does a great job in keeping the visitors engaged through transition effects, mouseover effects, sliders, and other interactive elements. The whole template is designed to impress the potential client with many credibility elements like testimonial sliders, a visual portfolio gallery, and more.

6. Finance – Consulting Business, Finance HTML5 Template

If you’re looking for something less serious and more casual, this is a great template to consider. This finance template uses animation style graphics set on a pastel turquoise background. It is more consumer friendly and very eye catching. Sometimes you want something different to stand out from all the other financial sites and this just might be it.

7. Reinsure

If you’re in the insurance business, this template may be great for landing pages. It features a large slider that is accompanied by form that’s designed to generate leads. If you’re looking to run an advertising campaign on Facebook or Google Adwords, this template may be the perfect fit. It’s clearly designed to generate a conversion but also does a great job in presenting a professional image to the visitor.

8. Investment Expert

This template uses a combination of black and blue to create a professional yet sophisticated vibe. It features a beautiful logo and typography that really speaks to you. It also compacts the content into the first two pages so that visitors don’t have to scroll down to get all the vital information. The middle of the main page features an icon based navigation design that changes the content right below it.

9. Ideas for Online School Website Template

We love this template because it’s a very different from the others on the list. This template is designed for website owners that want to create a financial themed content site. It uses a large photo to serve as the background for the top of the fold. It is designed similar to many infographics as it features many icons, changing layouts and visual elements. All of this is accentuated by parallax and transition effects to impress the user.

10. Insurance Responsive Website Template

This is another template that’s vastly different from the others in the list. The template features a large photo as the background. But what’s really interesting is the site’s navigation widgets on the main page. It uses colorful and transparent boxes as navigation options that are arranged similar to card based layout. The image itself is interesting and the different colors really encourage you to learn more about the various services.

The templates featured on this list explore many different styles that you can choose from. We picked these templates because they offered something different from the run of the mill designs that you find all over the web. Hopefully, you’ll find something that you can either use or inspire the design for your upcoming financial website.

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