Facebook Ranked as Most Preferred Social Media by B2B Decision Makers

The B2B marketplace is quickly evolving and the decision makers are now inclined toward social media. The B2B audience remains online mostly; almost 89% B2B researchers use internet for their research and are now shifting toward social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to gain information. Due to this inclination, social media now plays an important part in B2B buyer’s ‘decision making’.

According to a report by an American university, 75% of the B2B buyers relied on the information they found on social media. LinkedIn and Twitter are considered the most popular social media platforms when it comes to reaching B2B decision makers; however, a recent report by Hotwire and Vanson Bourne suggests that Facebook is the most preferred choice among them.

The research was conducted among 1,000 marketing and technology decision makers and 1 in every 4 stated that Facebook is their choice when it comes to obtaining information for a purchasing decision. An infographic shown below this article, created by Hotwire, also helps highlight this finding.

The report further reveals that the reason why decision makers use Facebook more for their choices is that they are online on Facebook 18 days a month. They find it easier to research on the social media they are online mostly rather than checking new resources.

Facebook has certain features which make it extremely business friendly. They include ‘Facebook Live’ and other similar marketing tools giving it an edge over other platforms. While Facebook is the first choice for many B2B decision makers, around 70 percent of the marketers still use Twitter and LinkedIn.

It is the Facebook’s user friendliness and impressive features that make it a popular platform not just among regular users, but also for B2B decision makers, marketers and those looking to expand their online business.

Most Preferred Social Media

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