Movavi Photo Editor – A Creative and Simple Way to Edit Photos

The Movavi Photo Editor is one of the coolest image editing applications around with over the top one-click image quality enhancing features and image correction tools. The software costs only $39.95 (basic version is free) can be purchased from Movavi’s website and includes a range of brilliant editing options that allow you to straighten, crop, flip, rotate and correct photos just the way you want. Add some dazzling effects to your images, correct the background, give the pictures a makeover with advanced retouching tools and create artistic masterpieces with this Windows photo editor.

Movavi Photo Editor


Movavi’s latest release is more user friendly, productive and flexible offering you a wide variety of editing tools like the splendid Magic Enhance System that can be used to fix the brightness and contrast of photos to add more bling to your handiwork. With Movavi on your PC, you don’t need to fret about image-edit quality, compression, filters, and finesse because their photo editor suite has got you covered. The key highlight of the software is the ability to easily remove unwanted items from your images to hone them up just the way you like. You can mark or highlight anything in the foreground, add captions to the images, correct colors for more precision, and resize photos to accentuate the best attributes in your artwork.


Other salient features include various selection and erasing tools to crop your images and remove unwanted sections so as to step up the creativity. The suite makes use of a special removal algorithm to make the task easier for the user while providing the flexibility to create photos in popular formats like jpeg, gif, bmp & RAW amongst others. The Photo Editor 5 is a panoptic tool that is a refined blend of high-end technology, simplicity, ease of use and multi functionality. The productive image editing tool for both beginners and experts is easy to understand and operate, however, unlike some high-end photo editors, Movavi lets you modify pictures one at a time.

Main Features:

  • A cornucopia of selection and color correction tools
  • Object Erasal tools for removing unwanted objects from photos
  • Smart removal algorithm that helps create amazing photos
  • Simple image editing that’s easy to understand
  • Supports popular image formats
  • A panoptic & user friendly interface
  • Background removal, Effects & Overlays, and Quality enhancement features
  • Captions, headers and retouching tools for added functionality

Useful Tips:

Adding a creative spark to your photos is easy with Movavi Photo Editor 5. For editing:

Movavi Photo Editor 5

  • Use ‘open the image’ option in the editor to select a photo to edit.
  • Use any of the selection tools to pick an area in the image that you feel requires modification.
  • Pick the required color correction tool, overlays & special effects, erasing tool or objects removal tool to make necessary adjustments.
  • Use the ‘Save’ option to save your handiwork in any of the popular formats like BMP, JPEG-LS, JPG, WebP, RAW or GIF.

The Movavi Photo Editor is a complete solution to a great photo editing experience thanks to its easy and intuitive user interface and a slew of cool functions that make the learning phase quick and simple while offering smashing results. Get your downloadable installation file of the Movavi Photo Editor for Windows 10 (or an earlier version starting from Windows XP) for free and start editing your photos now!

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