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Pros and Cons to Moving House in the Summer

If you’re moving home this summer, you might be thinking about whether its a good time of year to be relocating. It’s important to remember that moving home at any time of year is not easy, and each season brings with it unique advantages and challenges, so it’s good to be prepared. Here are some things to think about if your moving date falls within the warmer months of the year.

Moving House
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The weather is less likely to damage your items

In the summer months, it’s less likely that your suede sofa is going to get rained on between lifting it from the moving van through your front door. That said, make sure you have an eye on the weather forecast in case there’s anything unexpected heading your way.

It’s a great time for painting

The warmer months are perfect for redecorating. If you’re doing any painting, you’ll find that paint dries much faster in warmer temperatures, so you can get your redecorating sorted more quickly at this time of year. Make sure you check drying times depending on the type of paint so you’re not caught out, and check the recommended number of coats you’ll need for your desired colour.

Car boot/yard sales galore!

A lot of people like to do some decluttering before their move. As you’ll be going through all of your belongings whilst packing anyway, it’s a great opportunity to get rid of things you no longer need or want. Not only will it mean you’ll have less to pack (and in some cases, it’ll cost you less to move if you have a smaller number of boxes), but you might also be able to make some money, too. In the summer, outdoor sales are far more commonplace, and you might want to get involved in a car boot or yard sale to make your extra cash.


What to do with the kids?

One issue that you could have to find a solution for is that your children might be out of school. An advantage of other times of year is that you can potentially do all of the hardest parts of the move while the children are in school, so they leave one house in the morning and arrive in a new one after school.

If you do find yourself wondering what to do about childcare, see if you can arrange for them to stay at a family or friend’s place for the duration of the move so they are kept out of harm’s way and leaving you free to get on with the job in hand.

Will it be too hot?

As much as it’s nice to have sunny days, very hot weather could make a physically demanding day even more difficult than it would normally be. Make sure you have a moving day bag packed with essentials you can grab when needed and pack with plenty of water and snacks, and perhaps even a change of clothes to prevent you having to rummage through suitcases before officially unpacking your clothing.

Everyone’s on holiday!

Summer might be a more difficult time for friends and family to help as they are more likely to be on holiday. If this is the case, try Shiply – you put in the date and basic details of your move and moving companies will send you quotes. You don’t pay anything until you’ve accepted your favourite quote.

Are you moving home this summer? Let us know your experience compared to moving at other times of the year.

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