7 Best Car Technologies To Shape The Automotive Future

Gone are the days when a car was merely used to transport you from one point to another. Like in any other field of life, the modern technology has revolutionized the vehicles and the way we can drive them. The rapidly changing tech makes the prediction on future car technologies a dicey proposition. The question arises what automotive technologies will transform themselves from science fiction to reality in the coming years? Below I’m going to list 7 exciting new car technologies to watch by 2020.

Autonomous Cars

You may have seen autonomous cars in movies and cartoons, but these will soon be a reality for car aficionados, courtesy Google self-driving cars project which has set a trend. Hopefully, in the next four to five years, the cars will be equipped with the artificial intelligence to gain a full cruise control on the road eliminating the need of any human driver.

Due to the popularity of this idea, automotive giants also started working on launching a self-driving vehicle on their own. Companies other than Google include the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Delphi Automotives, Nissan, General Motors, Tesla, Uber, Ford, Toyota and Apple (though the tech giant has not publically announced this venture). The initial driverless car tests conducted by different automakers have been very heartening.

Overriding Driving Systems

This again comes under the concept of autonomous technology, as cars will make their own decisions when equipped with the overriding driving systems. We have already seen cars that can auto stop if a driver fails to apply brakes. However, by 2020, the vehicles will be skilled enough to apply brakes on their own even when the accelerator pedal is pushed by the driver. The systems would use sensor technology to prioritize a shift, giving the car final authority about the next move.

Biometric Car Access

We have already seen the switch from the keys to keyless entry, but it will soon be replaced by a biometric scan to access and start a vehicle. The biometric car access technology uses the same concept employed for accessing cell phones or confidential rooms in a building. This tech will help in reducing car theft by making it impossible to gain access to a vehicle’s locking system without a certified finger or thumb impression. In fact, Ford has already been granted a patent to use a biometric system to gain entry to a vehicle.

Advance Window Displays

Though the Head-Up-Display (HUD) technology has already come a long way from what it was 20 years ago, hopefully by 2020, it could provide an active glass capable of showing vibrant images. Just imagine a navigation system shown to you in a full 3D vision, highlighting the next possible turn/move virtually, right in front of the windshield, as you move towards it.

In Car Marketing

A few vehicles today have internet available to show Google and Social Media Ads based on user behavior (such cars are also called Connected Cars). However by 2020, the average vehicles may have full access to the internet to offer digital marketers a powerful set of metrics for customizing their advertising campaigns. This will make opt-in feature obvious for marketers. You can also expect a bit more customized and location-based ads in your vehicle.

Body Parts that are Reconfigurable

The demand of trucks and SUVs is continuously increasing, and some people look to have both for mobility. But they are separate vehicles. How about an SUV featuring lightweight body panels, a minivan stow go-seat design with a retractable roof and side glass in its lower body panels to offer functionality and appearance of both a truck and an SUV combined? It may be possible by 2020.

Active Health Monitoring System

Ford is working on a system to measure the vital human body statistics through sensors fitted in seatbelts and steering wheels. This active health monitoring system may hit the market in a few years from now to alert paramedics in emergency situations such as heart attack etc.

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