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Top 5 Basic Cleaning Products for Every Office

It can be easy to overlook cleaning in a busy office, but everyone appreciates sparkling desks and fresh-smelling office space. Recent research shows how important it is for office workers to feel like they are working in a clean environment. Moreover, a sticky desk can soon escalate into a mess which impacts everyone in the team.

Cleaning Products
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An unclean workspace has been shown to be a means of distraction and can result in printed reports and business letters arriving stained and not fit for purpose. Likewise, a bug or virus will make its way around an unclean office very fast, particularly if staff are hot-desking. What’s the solution? Keep a bundle of basic cleaning products for the office on hand to ensure spills and fingerprints are wiped away quickly. Take a look at our round-up of the top five basic cleaning products which every office should have

Disinfectant wipes

Are there sticky spills and annoying crumbs laying around the staff room? Perhaps staff often leave coffee drips at their desks? Disinfectant wipes are the simplest solution. They can be conveniently placed around the office space, by computer desks and coffee machines, encouraging staff to use them as soon as drinks or crumbs get spilt. Reduce sick days even further by supplying enough wipes for staff to use to wipe down keyboards after or before use. As well as areas which experience a lot of contacts such as door handles, microwave buttons and vending machines.

Single-spot removers

Busy team members often eat at their desks or take a coffee to meetings, and inevitably spills happen! When there is an inconvenient coffee stain on someone’s tie or a messy splodge of lunch on a colleague’s shirt. You need a product that will easily and quickly help everyone look professional. A simple spot remover, either a foam or a cream, is a convenient option to keep handy for those little office emergencies, and staff will thank you for it!

Window cleaner

Any glass cleaner will do here, although window cleaners are strong enough to contend with endless fingerprints on glass doors and lanyard entry-systems. Keeping the glass fingerprint-free will show visitors that your office is professional and bright, and keep staff cheery. Smudges also make computer screens harder to use, and in the long term can make eye strain worse. A light glass cleaner, or a specialist computer screen cleaner, is the perfect solution to this issue. Keep a couple easily accessible at desks or next to large screens, and staff will be encouraged to use them whenever they need to.

Air fresheners

Staff don’t always notice air fresheners until they are gone, but without one an office will quickly smell stale. Are your staff kitchens and break rooms being overrun by the smell of someone’s microwaved lunch? An air freshener in every room is the perfect solution. Pick a scent that is subtle so that it doesn’t become too overpowering and distract staff. Equally, find an air freshener that can be turned off so that the smell doesn’t accumulate overnight and put colleagues off when they arrive in the morning.

Washing-up liquid

Last but not least, supply staff kitchen facilities with a plentiful stock of washing up liquid and sponges. This will encourage your team to clean up after themselves and keep the office looking spick and span!

Clean office space is beneficial for everyone, so be sure to stock up on cleaning products for the office today.

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