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Amazing Office Furniture Trends For 2018

Office is the place where you spend 8 hours of your day. The place where you spend most productive time, should be such that you enjoy while working. Few offices have uncomfortable spaces which ultimately make the environment dull and boring workplace, and companies ending up losing employees. In order to make office environment more comfortable there are few items that would make your employees love workplace, after all there is no compromise on a healthy work environment. In the year 2018, companies are tending to create healthy environment for their employees. Whether there are biophilic spaces or ergonomic furniture designs, work spaces would be more health-friendly with enjoyable environment to work in. if you are also planning to build a health oriented office environment, here are few office furniture trends that you should include in your office; a new year gift to your employees.

1) Ergonomic Chairs:

Ergonomic Chairs

Image by Pexels

Most of the back injuries occur due to sitting in the wrong posture. In workplace one has to sit for long hours, it is recommended that sitting in upright position is the right sitting posture. Sitting in wrong direction causes different postural defects. Today, companies becoming health conscious about their employees’ health condition, particularly when their physical activity is limited. Ergonomic chairs are built keeping in view the sitting position of employees. Ergonomic chairs, also support lower back, called lumbar support. An inward curve of lumbar spine needs support when one has to sit for long hours.

Ergonomic chairs from Jason L, particularly, air pad chairs are light weight, covered with transparent membrane, give a floating feel while sitting to keep the posture straight. Its automatic adjustment, lets you work comfortably while sitting in a right posture. The benefit of its transparent membrane is that it maintains the body temperature, and your body does not sweat during summer.

2) Easy to Clean Sit-Stand desks:

Easy to Clean Sit-Stand desks

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Nothing can be more attractive thing about your office desk, than cleanliness. While working you might need to mark on your desk or write some notes while brain storming. In that case you need to have removable surface to avoid any such permanent stain on your table. Standing desks take care of your working requirements. A big plus: this desk can easily be adjustable to your height, making your work easy while sitting or standing. Moreover, a big benefit of standing desk is that it lowers the risk of weight and obesity, making you burn 1000 extra calories each week.

3) Multifunction Storage Furniture:

Multifunction Storage Furniture

Image by Pexels

How about staying more organized at your workplace? Whether your office is big or small, scattered files, stationery even printer on your desk makes workspace look unattractive. Although, you have most of the data saved in your computer, however, there are important files and papers and documents that you need to keep in safe place. Multifunction storage cabinet helps you stay organized and keeps your office accessories in place.

Apart from cabinets, there are various innovations such as computer tables with more storage spaces. For shared documents and budgets, the mobile storage is becoming more convenient than the fixed ones.

  • Couches or Stools:

The conventional and typical office work spaces are transforming and becoming more engaging since last few years. There are no more typical closed-off, stagnant work places. Instead, companies are encouraging and becoming more open to creative towards their working environment. Workspaces are becoming staple, open and friendly, much like home or coffee shops. For such environment, unconventional furniture such as stools or cozy couches for office lounges, where employees work comfortably and like to spend their time.

4) Recycled Desks and Chairs:

While going green is a well-known concept, there is something new you would see in the year 2018. Many companies are becoming environmentally conscious and believe in recycling the available resources. Companies will prefer using recycled desks and chairs, a great environment friendly concept, indeed. There are multiple benefits of using recycled furniture:

  • They help in conserving the natural resources. Since, they stay in use for longer time, less energy and time is used in manufacturing of a new piece.
  • By utilizing such furniture, you save resources, time, money and energy.
  • While manufacturing new furniture, VOC or Volatile Organic Compound are used. These compounds penetrate into the air slowly within first two years of its manufacturing. Reused furniture is less harmful and reduced health risks.
  • They are long lasting, with average life of 20 to 30 years. In case, you are conscious about the design and looks, it is wise to choose sleek designs

5) Adaptable Furniture:

Adaptable Furniture

Image by Pexels

Adaptable furniture such as folding desks or stackable chairs are becoming trendy. They are famous because they allow organizations to make space easily for meetings or training sessions. they can even create more space for accommodate large number of clients without moving the furniture. Such tables and chairs are multi-purpose for creating more space for employees. Such work stations can accommodate from 2 up to 6 persons.

6) ABW (Activity Based Working) Workspace:

ABW Workspace

Image by Pixabay

Today, companies are supporting more collaborative working environment.  For this purpose, collaborative workstations at one place are what most companies will be incorporating in their offices. Such workstations at workplace increase coordination and communication among employees. ABW designs use varying accommodations specifically in large areas. It includes:

  • Team or individual desks
  • Casual or lounge seating furniture for brainstorming or casual meetings.

7) Edge-desk:

Edge Desk

This desk-chair system promises improved posture, productivity and comfort, much liked ergonomic furniture style. A multipurpose desk which can easily be assembled within 10 seconds. How it works is even simpler; you sit on its kneeling chair and adjust the surface according to the activity. It can serve you in variety of ways; as a computer desk, an artist’s easel or just a comfortable study table. You can even clip accessories on its edges like attach a cup holder, place a pencil tray, tablet or phone stand. When you’re done, just fold it and keep in under the table or in corner or transport it to home.

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