Safety and Comfort Are First Class at Open Road Cadillac of Morristown

Open Road Cadillac of Morristown isn’t only one of the best places to get a reliable vehicle—they also care about customer satisfaction. When you rely on the team of experts at Open Road Cadillac of Morristown to recommend a Cadillac to suit your needs, you know that they are putting your safety and comfort first. Their protection plans can be customized to suit your unique situation. Protection plans can include trip interruption coverage that will cover hotel expenses for up to four days if your car breaks down and needs to be repaired overnight. They can also cover towing and roadside assistance and repair costs in case of an accident.

Open Road Cadillac of Morristown

For added safety and protection, vehicles equipped with OnStar technology keep you connected to help you wherever you are. Automatic Crash Response has you speaking to an agent automatically in case of an accident, and Stolen Assistance Services help protect your vehicle from theft. OnStar can also help with navigation through an integrated GPS system. Customers also get the option to add an in-vehicle wi-fi hotspot so they can stay connected wherever they are. But the excellent customer service doesn’t just cover safety and modern technology; they worry about their cars standing the test of time. The maintenance programs they have are designed to make sure their customers buy a car less often, not more often.

Setting up pre-paid maintenance appointments will save you money and help ensure that your vehicle is performing at its best, which means it is less likely to break down or cause you to have an accident. Open Road Cadillac of Morristown offers a no pressure sales attitude so that you can browse vehicles comfortably, while at the same time knowing that an associate is ready to help you if you have questions about any given vehicle.

All of the dealership’s vehicles, used or new, are certified safe and reliable. You can drive in comfort and luxury knowing that your vehicle will get you to your destination, and that help is always automatically available in case you need it. Place calls safely while driving using your voice instead of your hands and never get lost again thanks to the OnStar navigation system. The only thing better than driving a Cadillac is driving a Cadillac knowing you are surrounded by materials, technology, and people that are committed to keeping you and your passengers safe.

Their associates will not give up until they and you are confident that you have chosen the right vehicle, protection plan, and options for your unique needs and your family. They will make sure that you will be safe, comfortable, and confident in your new Cadillac because at Open Road Cadillac of Morristown, safety and comfort are first class.

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