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Photo Album or Photo Album Book – What Is Best?

Photo Album Book

Photo albums are a traditional method of keeping photographs together and sharing them with others whenever someone fancies a trip down memory lane. If you have ever made such an album, however, you will know it has its limitations. Yet, in today’s modern age, we also have the digital photo album book solution. But that also has some limitations. So which of the two is best?

Photo Album Book

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The Pros and Cons of the Traditional Photo Album Book

Traditional photobooks came in two types. The first was where you would stick your photographs, and other souvenirs, in the album itself. This presented three key problems over time:

  1. The pictures and other souvenirs in the book would often come unstuck.
  2. The pictures would lose their sharpness overtime.
  3. The book would often become too thick to properly close and store.

The second type of traditional book was that with plastic pockets. These also presented some key difficulties:

  1. The plastic pockets are actually made of PVC, which generates acids over time, which in turn damages the pictures. While people think that these pockets protect the pictures, this is actually not true.
  2. It is not possible to add any souvenirs to the albums, as they can’t fit in the plastic pockets.

There is a very important advantage to using these types of albums, however, whether it is the sticking type, or the pocket type, and that is the fact that it takes quite a lot of time to make them. This is a time during which you can sit around the table with your family and relive whatever moment you hope to remember through creating the album.

This is important and something that allows you to make even more precious memories, share time, and generally have a bit of fun.

The Pros and Cons of the Modern Photo Album Book

The advantages of today’s modern version are plentiful:

  1. Your pictures will be printed on the page rather than stuck on.
  2. Professional paper is used, which means the clarity of the images will last a lifetime.
  3. The albums are very easy to create, using online software or even a smartphone app.
  4. The albums are highly affordable. More so, in fact, than traditional albums, which not only have the cost of the album but also the cost of printing the pictures.
  5. You have fantastic customization options, changing borders, backgrounds, picture sizes and orientation, and more.

So are there any downsides to the modern photo books? The first is that you can’t also stick your tickets, receipts, plant cuttings, and other such souvenirs in it. That said, you could take pictures of those souvenirs and add them in that manner if you wanted to. It is also a little bit more of an individualistic thing to do. It is unlikely that the entire family will sit around the laptop, computer, or smartphone to create this album. Instead, one person in the family will take responsibility for creating the album.

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