What are Remote Telemetry Products and How Are They Used?

Remote telemetry products have become really popular with today’s businesses. Designed to help boost efficiency and save money, these products deliver many benefits to the companies which utilise them. So, what exactly are remote telemetry products and how are they used?

Understanding remote telemetry products

Remote telemetry products or SCADA are data loggers or terminal units which are connected to sensors, centralisation software and installations. They’re especially ideal for contract operators and provide numerous impressive benefits.


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Data is transferred wirelessly for monitoring purposes, making remote telemetry products essential in numerous sectors. The data can be transferred using many methods including ultrasonic, infrared, radio and satellite. The products are also capable of measuring both physical and electrical data. As it’s measured, it is converted into an electrical voltage before being combined with timed data.

How are they used?

So, how are these remote telemetry products typically used? Well, they actually have numerous purposes. They may have the same ultimate goal of boosting efficiency and saving money, but the way they can be used varies significantly.

Firstly, they can be used to analyse your networks. SCADA and telemetry products from companies like Servelec Technologies, can help you determine the current health of your networks, including the service life of any technical parts your business uses. The statistics provided can help you to plan additional installations as and when needed and establish any changes you may need to implement to improve efficiency.

The products can also be used to monitor your network and identify any potential faults before they become a major issue. An alarm will be sent directly to maintenance personnel to inform them of the fault and enable them to tackle it quickly. This is a huge advantage as it enables you to limit the amount of downtime required to fix the fault, in turn potentially saving you quite a lot of money.

Finally, remote telemetry products can also help to improve customer experience. You can use them to determine whether customers are using all of the features you’d expect them to, as well as how frequently they’re using your app. This type of information can prove invaluable in terms of marketing and sales.

As you can see, telemetry products can prove invaluable across a wide range of industries. They’ve certainly become an integral part of many remote businesses and when used correctly, can deliver an impressive range of benefits.

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