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5 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Windows that work smoothly and look nice can make all the difference in any home. With today’s energy-efficient windows and new designs, there are many attractive, cost-saving and functional benefits of replacing windows. If you’re looking for an upgrade that doesn’t involve repainting (again), take a hard look at your windows—could yours use replacement?

Replace Your Windows
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Unsightly Appearance

Flaking paint, water stains, or general deterioration of the window/area around it is one sure sign that your windows need replacement. Outdated designs or styles, even in good condition, can drag down a visitor’s overall impression of a room.

Troublesome Maintenance

Maybe you’re just too busy to keep up on window maintenance. Maybe replacement parts for your particular window’s style are hard to find. If the maintenance is more trouble than the window is worth, then it’s time for a replacement.

Poor Performance

If the window is old, it may be difficult to open or close due to a decrease in the efficiency of their hinges. Old windows also experience air leaks, condensation, and fogging. And damaged, warped, or broken window sashes are not only unsightly, but they destroy a window’s basic function. If you notice any of these signs, head to your local home improvement store.

Home Remodeling

Windows are a like a good haircut. If you’re doing a big home makeover, new windows can help all your shiny new features stand out. But no matter how much paint, new siding, or landscaping you add, sticking with the old windows makes a house look…well, old.

And don’t forget to pick windows that can stand the test of time. A basic tip to keep in mind is that multi-paned glass windows are stronger than single-paned glass windows and, therefore, the former should be used to replace the latter.

Higher Energy Bills

There’s a reason why your cat likes to hang out by the window—windows let in sunlight, and with it, heat. And during the winter, windows actually help heat your home. However, old or cheap windows may be doing the opposite by letting heat escape. If your heating bill is higher than you’d like, consider replacing them with energy-efficient windows that trap heat during winter and let it out during summer. Bonus: These windows increase the resale value of your home!


Well-maintained homes look nice and, when the time comes, sell better than those that aren’t. Attractive, functional windows are a crucial part of every well-maintained home. So add window replacement to your home maintenance plan today.

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