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How to Create a Romantic Atmosphere in Your Bedroom

Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Coming home after a long day of work to see your spouse can be one of the best parts of your day. Sometimes, you just want to spend some time with them, cuddling in the nice space of your personal bed.  However, the bedroom can create an atmosphere that gives its way to allowing you and your spouse to have a quiet moment together, or it can be loud, busy, and can actually discourage that. So how do you create an atmosphere in the bedroom that allows you to keep things somewhat romantic rather than something too loud?

Romantic Bedroom Ideas
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Colour plays a huge role in creating different kinds of atmospheres. It can create anything from something calm and quiet, to something just the opposite. So what’s a good idea for a colour scheme to make your bedroom more inviting?

Blue, or neutral tones. Something like red would be far too vibrant and, over time, might become far more annoying than something romantic. Blue on the other hand (especially a nice, dark, rich blue colour), is a nice, cool colour that endorses a very calm atmosphere around you. Neutral tones as well — something warm like a nice tan — will also be quite inviting and help create an atmosphere that is  even-tempered.  This way when you go to bed in the evening, and wake up in the morning, your bedroom colour will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.


Bed frames can play a very large role in the creation of a romantic atmosphere. This range of elegant bed frames can help you pick something new if you’re looking for an update to your bed frame. Something with long, tall pillars instantly makes the room look taller. And if you drape curtains around your bed frame, you create the idea of even more privacy in the bedroom setting.

Wood that’s dark and elegant (so long as it goes with and doesn’t clash against the colour of your walls) can help bring in that romantic atmosphere as well.


What’s a room without accessories? A room that’s empty and not quite finished — that’s what.  In order to create a romantic tone in the bedroom, you can add flowers or other plants into the bedroom to give it that affectionate feeling.  Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can introduce fake foliage into the bedroom, and if it looks real enough, it can still help create the same sensation.

You can also make the room more personal by having pictures of you and your spouse in the room. Whether you want a big portrait of your wedding night over your bed, or just a few smaller pictures in frames on your dressers, either works to create a more personalized look.

Another tip would be to have candles in your room.  If you and your partner are not sensitive to scents, a lavender scent can help add to the atmosphere as well as help you go to sleep at the end of the day.

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