Branching Out: 4 Services You Should Be Offering To Your Customers

Business are always trying to grow and increase their profits. But, ultimately, there is only so far you can push your business. Especially if you only offer one service or product to your customers. Many companies find that adding something else to their portfolio can really help them increase their client base and profits. Not sure what else you can offer to people? Here are some services and products that customers would like to see more of.


An international business and trader in a number of countries might find it useful to offer professional translation services to all your customers. Lots of international companies speak English. But not many English speakers are competent in a foreign language. So your clients might find it useful to have an option for translations. You might not have to employ any extra staff for translations. If you already have some bilingual employees, see if they would be happy to start working on this new service. If it goes well and you have a high demand for translations, think about employing dedicated translators.


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These days, everyone is online and fighting for that top spot on the Google search results page. And that means everyone is trying to improve their SEO. What is SEO? It stands for ‘search engine optimization’. Any website and blog should be optimized for search engines to help it land a top spot in search results. There are a number of ways this can be done, such as including keywords in blog posts and on web pages. However, many companies and customers prefer to hire an SEO company to sort out their site for them. You should already have SEO experts working in your firm on your own company’s website. If they are happy to take on some extra work, you could start offering SEO services to your clients and customers. Just like with the translation services, you should consider hiring a specialist SEO team to take care of all the extra SEO project contracts.


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CRM stands for customer relations management. It is all about managing your business’s relationship with customers and potential customers. Many small businesses find that they do not have as much time as they would like to spend on their CRM. So many end up hiring contractors to do it for them. If you hire this service, you will find that there will be no end of customers who want you to manage their CRM for them! The whole goal of CRM is to minimize the negative effects that complaints on social media and other public platforms can have on a business. It is also useful in projecting the reputation and public image that you want a company to have. It is a relatively easy service to offer people. All you will need are some software programs that make the task relatively straightforward. You could even do it alongside the CRM for your own company.


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Editing And Proofreading:

Editing and proofreading is another simple service that won’t take up too many extra resources in your company. It also doesn’t eat into staff’s time too much. Many businesses have their very own online blog these days. So the demand for professional editors and proofreaders has gone through the roof! You can offer a variety of services that cover these tasks. One of the easiest that offers the highest returns is blog editing. You might even want to offer writing complete blogs for firms. You could also proofread all the copy of company’s websites. Do you already have a content writing team in your company? Then these can take on all the extra work coming in from your offered editing and proofreading services. There is another thing that many contract editors and proofreaders like to offer clients. That’s a newsletter writing services. Many businesses use newsletters in their marketing to help attract new clients and to showcase any new services that they offer.

Should Be Offering To Your Customers

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If you offer a variety of services, you will be able to grow your customer base. And by diversifying your services, you will also be protecting your business. If one of your services and products becomes less in demand, you will find that you can survive by making money from the others. If you plan out your business structure, you will find that the transition involved with taking on an extra service much easier to deal with. And the best thing about offering more services is that it shouldn’t cost you too much money.

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