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How Shaggy Rugs Can Cut Back Energy Costs

With many of us feeling the pinch on our wallets, its no surprise that we are looking at ways that we can cut back on our long-term costs. As a homeowner or renter, your biggest expense will inevitably be spent on your living costs. Luckily, there are a few ways you can help to cut back on those utility bills without breaking the bank. One such way of doing this is with the use of a rug. So, lets take a look at how and why a rug will help you to spend less on your heating.

Shaggy Rugs

Why Rugs Help:

The warmer you can keep your home, the less you will need to have the heating on. Not only does this help you to keep hold of those extra few pennies, it is also really beneficial for the environment too. Rugs help to retain warmth within their fibres which makes them excellent insulators. They are also great for draught proofing rooms, so where you place the rug can have a big impact on lost warmth within a room.

Where to Place Rugs:

As we just mentioned, where you put your rug can really help to improve the heat retention in your home. If you have a noticeably colder area in a room then its a great idea to focus on using your rug here. Whether it be under a window or nearer a door, your rug can help the coldest area of your floor to stay warmer for longer. Of course, you might prefer your rug to be central to the room for aesthetic purposes perhaps. This is totally fine since no matter where the rug is, it will help to trap that heat far better than a floor without a rug.

What Type of Rug?

The type of rug you opt for will ultimately be down your personal choices and tastes. But generally, there are a few ways of helping out on getting that warm look. Using colour psychology, colours such as oranges, dark browns and yellows are ideal for creating the illusion of a cosy space. If these colours aren’t really you thing, then any colour that uses warm undertones will achieve the same affect. Generally, avoid cool tones that can make a room feel colder than it actually is. For materials, the thicker the better. Shaggy rugs are great for insulating floors since they are so fluffy. This material traps heat like a dream while also looking gorgeous. Not to mention, they feel incredible underfoot and bring that beautiful texture to a room.

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