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Get The Style Of Home You’ve Always Wanted With These Awesome Tips

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Do you ever spend hours at a time drooling over period property websites? Or maybe you love watching those TV renovations shows that bring original features back to life in old houses? It’s hard not to fall in love with the properties of yesteryear. The architecture, design, and features seem so elegant and elaborate. Beauty was so important for these old buildings. And everything seemed so much grander back then!

Perhaps you’ve found the temptation of owning one of these grand old homes quite alluring? Chances are you’ve already found out just how expensive they can be to buy in great condition. But there are many ways you can find the property of your dreams within a fair budget. Perhaps you’re looking for a minimalist home or something with high ceilings? Perhaps the drama of a huge hallway is what you’ve always wanted. None of these styles need be beyond you. Try some of these tips to help you get the style of home you’ve always wanted:

Be prepared to move further afield

It’s true that some neighbourhoods demand a higher price tag. And many of us bought our homes because of where they are located. We’re keen to be near good schools, our place of work, or a pleasant park. But if you are prepared to look further afield and manage a big move, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Moving outside of the towns or cities can reduce the property price dramatically. You can see this from Bridgfords and other estate agents. Inner city postcodes simply cost more.

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So if you are willing to move outside of the populated areas, at what point does country living become more expensive? Of course, it depends on the property. If the property is in great condition, you may have to pay a premium price tag wherever it may be located. But who wouldn’t want to live in an immaculate property? What would you be willing to sacrifice?

Renovate older properties

You could renovate older properties yourself to save a little on the price tag. You can then enjoy your mod cons while remaining true to the original features. Of course, renovating is hard work. Not everybody has the skills needed to bring original features like fireplaces or sash windows back to life. And when you involve professional tradespeople, it can become rather expensive.

Most people like to undertake a little home renovation when they buy a property. If you’re buying a property as a project, this could become a full-time job. You may not be able to live in the property itself for many months while the works are being carried out. But if you’re good at this kind of thing, you could easily make a massive profit when you sell the property. You just have to be able to let the house go!

Live With The Style

Whatever age of property you choose to buy, there is always an opportunity to style it the way you want. There is a long list of the things you can change. If the building is listed, however, you may be limited in what you’re allowed to do. Windows can be changed to a different style. This may help alter the character of the building. Or you may be doing it to make life quieter, warmer, or more easy to access at home. The doors may not be to your taste. Interior doors are relatively easy to change. You can find a wide range of doors at your local DIY store.

Exterior doors will change the style and character of your property. It may affect the kerb appeal of your home. For something stylish and contemporary, you may choose to take out the old PVC door and replace it with a beautiful wood grain effect in black gloss. If you’re looking for something true to the period of an older property, you may be able to find what you need from a reclamation company. Some people commission a new door based on an old design they like.

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Sometimes a simple change to the outdoor space your property sits in can make all the difference. If the original gardens have been torn up to create extra driveway space, consider replacing it. You might include some additional green planting, traditional rose gardens, or even a herb patch. You may be able to find out more about typical gardens of yesteryear from your library or online resources.

Many of us simply can’t live without our modern conveniences. If you’re worried about TVs, broadband hubs and cabling encroaching on your period living room, there are ways to conceal them. Start with some old period furniture like a cabinet. These can sometimes be converted to become a TV cabinet. The TV can then be shut out of the way when you want to marvel at the beauty of your room.

Cables can often be chased into the wall by a skilled electrician and plasterer. You will need to repaint or paper the walls after this is done. The sockets created from this can be positioned behind furniture, so they don’t interfere with the character of the room. Why not invest in wifi devices and controllers? You may be able to conceal all the devices and cables in a cupboard as line-of-sight is no longer needed.

Love It

Whatever you do with your home, regular maintenance and occasional upgrades will still be required. It may be foolish to rob yourself of modern conveniences if you wish to stay true to a period home. Instead, consider how you can celebrate your life today within the beauty of your surroundings. Bathrooms are certainly one of the sticking points. Many people want updated bathrooms, regardless of the period of the room. Perhaps this is an opportunity to celebrate a second style?

It’s always hard to know how to treat an aged property. For most people, personal taste is a big consideration. You may choose to recreate the style of a period property in your twentieth century semi. Or you might want to load your Georgian terrace with the latest technology and gadgets. The choices are yours. Enjoy your beautiful home.

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