4 Peculiar Characteristics You Didn’t Know About Successful Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurship world is packed with surprises. When you step into it, you will fall either in or out of love with it; you get addicted to it or it turns you off. Two things are sure going to happen, you will go further than you thought possible, and will work harder than you ever thought you could.

The most surprising things you will discover are the traits displayed by successful entrepreneurs. Considering all the articles you have read about the “common traits of successful entrepreneurs,” you may have overlooked some of the most curious and fascinating traits. Here are four surprising characteristics you find in just about all successful entrepreneurs.

Successful Entrepreneurs

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Many may think that rock-star entrepreneurs have greater advantages compared to all other people. Maybe they have better mentors, get professional advice from a group of powerful advisors or some other advantage that makes them better than you. In reality, most successful entrepreneurs are actually self-taught; for example, Bill Gates is described as someone who compels himself to keep on learning what he needs to know.

Therefore, if you are willing to step into the world of entrepreneurship, do not let your lack of knowledge or skills intimidate you. It is time you become an autodidact and learn everything you can.

Stay Small, to go Further

Knowing that your enterprise is improving someone’s life can be the motivation that sees you move to better heights of success. No matter how big or small your customer base is – 10’s or 1000’s – making a difference in the lives of these customers will be a major happiness boost for all your efforts. For many business owners, realizing the impact they have on even a few people’s lives marks the major turning point that spurs their businesses to greater achievements.

It is not always about creating businesses worth billions. It is about making a change in the way people live through your business.

Frugal Living

You have heard the rags-to-riches stories of the most successful entrepreneurs, read about their beautiful mansions and seen the pictures of their awesome luxury yachts. However, a majority of entrepreneurs are living frugal lives devoid of the luxuries brought by money. For example, Mark Zuckerberg cruises in an old Acura, a car most college graduates can afford.

Another example is Jeff Bezos whose estimated net worth runs in the regions of over $40 billion, but he drives around in a $4,000 1996 Honda Accord. There is no certainty if Travis Kalanick even owns a car – he may be carpooling like everyone else, Uber style. The lesson from these examples is that if you can live cheaper, you have greater options open to you.

Success Takes Time

Nothing worth doing can be successful overnight; expecting your business idea to take off quickly will lead to possible burn out and keep you from focusing on your business goals. Such lofty dreams are the demise of many entrepreneurs that would have gone ahead and built world-altering entrepreneurships. Launching a new podcast, blog, service or product does not mean that it will be successful right away.

When the initial public launch does not elicit the lottery they were expecting, many entrepreneurs tend to give up and move on to doing other things. However, such a low-key entry should not be termed as failure – rather, it is proof that you need to think in terms of long-term success.

To find success and build a business that changes lives, you have to plan and work with monthly targets. Doing this will eliminate the temptation to throw in the towel too early and failing to rise up from the dip. Always keep in mind that the steeper the deep was the more rewarding going through it would be!

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