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Summer Skincare: keep it healthy!

Summer Skincare

As we’re now deep into the summer months, it’s important to re-evaluate your skincare routine to avoid damage and having to fix it once the sun is gone. A healthy skincare routine implies many factors but sun exposure is one of the most harmful and even dangerous in some cases. Let’s round up together the perfect summer skincare routine before heading to the beach!

Summer Skincare

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1. Keep it clean:

Malvina Fraser is a famous dermatologist and beauty expert currently working in a skin care clinic in London. She insists on the importance face cleansing before going to bed, all year round. Opt for a facial cleanser that’s suited to your skin type to avoid dryness or blemishes.

2. Stay hydrated but don’t overdo it:

Moisturisers are key to a healthy skin: they act as a protective barrier against pollution, stress and harsher weather conditions. As seen above, you should always opt for a moisturiser that works best depending on your skin type (dry, oily or aging skin), and apply it right after your facewash. The trick however in the summer months is to use less or a lighter moisturiser so as to not overload the skin.

In summer, your skin produces more sweat and sebum to protect itself and you run the risk of making it look oily as well as obstructing the pores, leading to spots and blemishes. You have been warned!

3. Sunscreen is a must:

Right after your moisturiser, apply a sunscreen with a UVA-UVB sunblock that has at least SPF 30. Wait a few minutes for the skin to absorb it, blot off any exceeding product with a clean tissue and then proceed to applying your foundation or powder. Sunscreen is perhaps the most important skincare routine adjustment you can make to protect your skin against sunburn, wrinkles, sunspots and skin cancer. Don’t neglect it!

4. Light make-up:

It’s best to let your skin breathe as much as possible in the summer months. Avoid loading it with heavy foundations or too many layers. If you’re going to the beach especially, it’s not recommended to wear any make-up as the layers will prevent the sunscreen to protect you effectively against the sun. If you have to use a little makeup during the day, opt for very light textures such as a BB or a CC cream and/or a simple translucent mattifying powder to avoid shiny looking skin.

5. Don’t forget your body and hair:

Prep your skin by exfoliating it before the first sun exposures to avoid patchy looking tan. Moisturise at least once a day and protect with a generous amount of sunscreen as well. In addition to your usual hair routine, apply a protective serum after each swim as salt and chlorine can really dry your tresses up.

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