5 Ways to Cement Your Super-Fan Status

You have your favourite team and can watch them whenever you can. You catch a game in person now and then. Moreover, you look forward to watching them pick apart the competition. But are you a super-fan?

Super Fan

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Super-fans take sports enthusiasm to another level. Here’s how you can prove your own super-fan status and show your undying love for your team.

You Know Everything About Your Team

Super-fans know their team’s history and stats inside and out. Cement your super-fan status by becoming everyone’s go-to expert on your team’s history, record, and current line-up.

You not only know who a coach played during a particularly fateful match, you know who they should have played. Exactly what’s missing in the current squad and have more than a few thoughts about how things should go in the next transfer window.

You know what makes your team special, and you know every rivalry (and how to hold a grudge).

You’re Not Afraid to Get Emotional

If you’re a real super-fan, you aren’t afraid to show some emotion when it comes to your team.

You’ve screamed at the screen on plenty of occasions, and you’ve felt your blood pressure rise during tense moments. You’ve celebrated incredible victories; maybe you’ve even shed a tear or two during tough losses or other setbacks.

You Attend Away Games

A serious super-fan isn’t satisfied unless they’ve gone above and beyond for their teams. You aren’t satisfied sitting at home or in the pub. When a really important match comes along, you’ll be there even if it’s far from home.

You might even kick things up a notch by getting a charter bus rental and dragging a bunch of friends along for an important away match, whether you have tickets or just want to be closer to where the action is.

You Sport Your Team’s Colors

As a super-fan, you aren’t shy about wearing your love for your team on your sleeve, even literally. When you’re in the stadium, you make sure you stand out among the crowd, going so far as to wear face paint, or even body paint, in your team’s colours.

You Never Miss a Match

Nothing can stop a true super-fan from catching every match of their favourite team. Maybe you’re a season ticket holder. You might catch them all at the local pub with other supporters, or perhaps you mostly watch from home. But no matter where, no matter how you will watch every match. You’ll switch stations on a public TV even if it comes with a fight. You’d skip work to travel for a big game. You’d silently stream a match on your phone while on a date. Nothing gets between a super-fan and their team.

If any of this sounds like you, congratulations. No one’s going to mistake you for some fair-weather supporter. No, you are, and always will be, a super-fan.

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