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The Top Ten Safest Cars for Teenagers

The statistics paint a bleak picture when it comes to teenagers and cars; they are more likely than any other age group to end up in an accident. When you consider the risks it just makes complete sense that everything possible should be done to minimize the possibility of accidents. One way of reducing the chances of injury and fatalities is for teenagers to drive a safe car; here is a list of the top ten safest cars. Although this list is in the form of a top ten it should be noted that they could be ordered differently; a lot of this is subjective and attempt to combine safety with other concerns in regards to teenagers.

#10 Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra offers a good level of safety; although you will need to spend a bit more money if you want the highest level of protection.  It has received four out of five stars from NCAP. If you want side bags and ABS you will need to pay a bit of extra money.

#9 Ford Ka

The Ford Ka is a city friendly car that offers a lot for a low price tag. This small vehicle may not be to the taste of all teenagers, but it is going to appeal to quite a few of them. An airbag comes as standard with the Ford Ka, and it is also possible to get lateral airbags which will help protect any passengers. In European tests the car performed well when it came to side impacts; although it did less well when it came to impacts to the front of the car. If you are looking for a reasonably priced car that offers a fair amount of protection then you may want to consider the Ford Ka. Currently the Ford Ka has a rating of four stars in the European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP); out of a possible five stars.

#8 Fiat Punto

NCAP data suggests that the Fiat Punto is one of the best cars in its class when it comes to safety issues. Every model comes fully equipped with airbags for the driver and passenger; it is also possible to choose models with roof and side airbags. The Fiat Punto has a lot of continental appeal, but it won’t appeal to all teenagers. It is another good option for those looking for a good value safe car.

#7 Ford Fiesta

This new Ford received a maximum five stars from NCAP for its protection of adult occupants. The passenger compartment did well during impact tests. The driver and front passenger were awarded extra protection around the legs with the presence of leg knee bags. The car performed less well for child and pedestrian protection. The new Ford Fiesta is a popular car that offers a good choice for those who want to drive something that offers a good level of protection.

#6 Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa received five stars for adult occupancy when tested by NCAP. This is another car where you will need to pay extra for the full level of protection. Even the standard model though has been given NCAP praise because of the fact that the shell holds together well in accidents. If you want the full protection then you will need to pay extra; then you will get ABS, passenger airbags, and side airbags to increase the level of safety.

#5 Peugeot 207

The Peugeot 207 is one of the most popular hatchbacks in Europe and it also comes with some nice safety features. NCAP has given it a four star rating with a high score for side impact and a lower score for front impact. It has received the highest possible rating for roll over tests; active rollover protection bars add extra safety. It is also possible to get SMART airbags along with, Emergency Braking Assist, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, and ABS.

#4 Hyundai I30

Thy Hyundai 130 has received a lot of praise for its safety features The Australian New Car Assessment Program awarded a full five stars and similar high marks were received from NCAP and elsewhere. During crash tests the passenger compartment has held together well; it also offered good leg protection during tests. One concern raised was the slight risk of abdominal injury. The Hyundai I30 comes with airbags as standard as well as ABS brakes and Electronic Stability Control. The safety features in this car definitely makes it something worth considering.

#3 Alfa Romeo Mito

This Alfa Romeo is another car that has tested well with NCAP; a maximum five stars. This car comes with many of the safety features we have now come to expect like airbags but there is also extras like knee airbags for the driver and a self-aligning head restraint. Impact tests demonstrated that most parts of the bodies of those in the front seats were well protected; the driver getting most protection. The head restraint is also believed to lower the risk of whiplash.

#2 Citroen C4

The C4 claims to not only offer great protection for passengers but also for pedestrians as well. This car is built to lower the risk of accident by making the controls all within easy reach; thus reducing the rise caused by the driver having to take their focus off the road. The Citroen C4 comes with adaptive airbags and ABS with Electronic Breakforce Distribution.  The car doors automatically unlock in the event of an accident and there is a fuel cut-off device. There is also Emergency Brake Assistance. The seat belts come with force limiters the front seat belts also have pre-tensioners. The makers of the Citroen C4 really do seem to have done a lot to make this a safe car to drive.

#1 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius received top marks from NCAP for safety; in fact the score equalled the highest ever given in its class. The makers of this car put a lot of thought into all the safety features and this had all led to a car that offers a lot of protection for the driver and passengers. Apparently Toyota conducted hundreds of tests before their final design to ensure the car can cope with collisions with different vehicles and objects.  This car comes with eight airbags, seats that have been designed to lessen the impact of whiplash, a knee protection panel, and a unique dual stage seat belt warning system. The fuel tank is designed to withstand a 50km/hr impact.

So there you have it,  10 of the safest cars you can get for a teenager. Considering the amount of fatalities from crashes associated with this age group the first consideration when purchasing a car really should be safety.

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