Top 6 Software that Can Increase Your Productivity

Productivity software are designed to help you work smarter by preventing you from wasting time that you could have spend on important matters. The right productivity software can increase the efficiency of you performing your job so that you can achieve more. The following are the top 6 software that can help you to improve your productivity.

1. Rescue Time

Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a software that allows you to keep track on the amount of time you spend on browsing certain website or program. It offers on screen reminder feature that allows you to set up reminder in the event that you are spending too much time on the site or software. You can track almost anything including calls you made on a messenger, and online meetings. Rescue Time will keep track of all the activities on the computer. It can rate your computer activity in several scales including very distracting, and neutral. The computer activities are also labeled on color codes for example very distarcting is labeled with red color code.

2. Launchy

Launchy allows you to launch programs and open documents by using keystrokes. Besides, you can also use keystrokes to open a particular website or perform a calculation on a calculator. You can choose from 6 skins to customize the skin of the software. It also has a search box which you can enter the first few words of the name of the document or program that you want to open and it will show the rest of the name. To launch the document or program, you just have to press the Enter key.

3. Spybot Search and Destroy

Spybot Search and Destroy works in the background to detect malware and spyware that have entered into the computer system. it can also clear up the browsing history to protect your web surfing activities in privacy from other users. It is able to fix registry problems that are caused by malicious spyware. Spybot Search and Destroy is a portable software so you don’t have to install it on your computer in order to run it. You just have to download it and it will run without installing or making additional changes to your system.

4. Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader is a lightweight PDF reader that allows you to open PDF files including online PDF files. It offers only the basic features and does not come with extra features that is found in complicated PDF reader software. You can print out the PDF document with your printer. It also allows you to create PDF document. You can customize the interface of the PDF reader with a classic or modern interface. It is very efficient for opening PDF document that is consists of text and does not have flash animations.

5. OpenOffice

OpenOffice is an open source office suites that include word processers, and spreadsheets. It offers almost the same range of features as Microsoft Office Suite. The open source software is based in C++ language and it supports 27 languages. It is completely free without any paid upgrade versions. It can run on Windows and Linux OS. you can create charts and perform calculations with differnet types of equations in spreadsheets. The OpenOffice word processor supports a spell checker.

6. Movavi Photo Editor

Photo editing is made easy in Movavi Photo Editor because most of the time you just need to click a button to perform the editing on the photo. The result of the photo editing is professional just like the advanced photo editor software. You can open your photo in Movavi photo editor software and tweaks its quality with the magic enhancement tool. Tweaking the photo is as simple as dragging the slider so it is not as hard as using an advanced photo editor tool to enhance the photo.

If your photo look dark, you can drag the brightness slider to add some light in the photo so that everything in the photo look brighter and clearer. If you notice some blur areas in the photo, you can drag the sharpness slider to make the blur details sharper and clearer. You can also decrease the blurriness of the photo by dragging the blur slider to zero value which is the leftmost. You can play with the saturation and contrast sliders by dragging it left or right to see if they can help in enhancing your photo.

The object removal tool is a powerful tool that can remove any object and cover it up with a cloned pattern that is similar to the background. In order for the object removal tool to work, you must first paint the unwanted object with the red brush tool and then click the eraser button. Anything that you wish to disappear on the photo can disappear in a moment with the click of the eraser button.

If you wish to change the photo background into something else, the background removal tool will be the tool you need. Before you can add a new background, you must use the red brush tool to mark the original background and click the erase button to get rid of it.

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