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Used Vauxhall Corsa a popular choice

THE top-selling used car of 2009 was … the Vauxhall Corsa.

Figures just released by global information services company Experian show that 291,878 second-hand Corsas changed hands last year, a figure that pushed its sibling, the Astra, off top spot and into third place.

The number of used Astras sold in 2009 totalled 286,540, putting it behind the second ­placed Ford Fiesta, whose figures totalled 288,828.

But those cars confirm that size still matters with the British motoring public, as Experian general manager Mark Nuttall explains: Affordable smaller vehicles have managed to appeal again to motorists, with the Little Corsa overtaking all others to become the nation’s favourite used car,”

Meanwhile, now is the time to start thinking about summer motoring and buying a soft-top, according to British Car Auctions (BCA).

BC~s research reveals that convertible prices rise in line With the UK’s temperatures. So with the weather still on the chilly side, the group urges buyers to start looking now for the best open-top motoring deals.

Tim Naylor, BCA spokesman, says: “De­spite our notoriously changeable weather, British motorists buy more convertibles than our European cousins”, and values tend to rise as the warmer months approach.

Average prices for a typical premium four ­year old, 40,000 mile convertible sold at BCA have already increased by around £1,000 in the first three months of this year, underlining the demand.

“Our love affair with soft tops continues, so now could be the right time to get the car of your dreams,” he adds.

Finally, the recent call by Britain’s Royal College of Physicians to ban smoking in cars, as well as in public places, has led to one outfit looking at just how adversely cigarette addicts can skew the value of their vehicles.

Editor of Used Car Expert magazine Matt Thmbridge says: “Today’s buyers are cer­tainly not keen to take on a car with damaged ashtras, discoloured ceiling lining, and the cloying whiff of smoke.:, .

“If a smoker driVes, for example, a Ford Mondeo, he or she” should remember there are hundreds on dealers’ forecourts to choose from. &,:.0 a smoker wanting to sell a Mondeo will probably end up dropping the price from a fair one to a low one – on a three-year-old Mondeo 2.0 toi, this means losing at least £1,000.” This highlights that some dealers will not accept a smoker’s car as a trade in, as they simply can’t sell it on.”

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