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Vintage Home Décor Inspiration: Best of Britain’s Time Capsule Homes

Vintage Home Decor

Frozen in time for all to see (and visit in some cases), time-capsule homes have an undeniably nostalgic feel. Even more interestingly, they provide a wealth of home decor ideas and inspiration for all vintage fans. Get ready to step back in time and bring back a little romantic retro vibe to your home with the very best of Britain’s time capsule homes.

Vintage Home Decor
Image by Luna Jubilee

70’s groove in Glasgow:

This modest pavilion located in a residential area in Glasgow doesn’t look anything special from the outside. Inside, it’s a very different story, with bursts of 1970’s avocado green and orange just about everywhere, and psychedelic patterns on the bathroom tiles and carpeted corridor. The original 1970’s hanging lights in particular are very savvy and you can find many knock-offs in trendy online furniture shops these days.

The house hasn’t changed a bit from the time it was built in the 1970’s and its original owner decided to put on the market earlier this year for £275 000. It got a lot of attention and attracted a hundred of viewers in the first week it was first advertised on sale.

Farmhouse charm in Wales:

This cottage was abandoned in the 1970’s and is chock full of relics going back to the end of the 19th century that would be most prised by home décor aficionados. While this house has a certain spooky factor with everyday objects and food tins left out on the table as if it had been left unexpectedly by it previous owners, dainty mosaics and pretty pastel patterns on wallpapered walls wouldn’t look half bad in modern houses if you’re going for that romantic, victorian look.

Art deco in Yorkshire:

This incredible 12-bathroom mansion had been left unoccupied for decades, and was home to a family of Indian aristocrats in the 1920’s. It was bought in 2013 by a rich businessman who fell for its retro grandeur and charm. The house hadn’t been touched since the death of its last owner, the Lady Bomanji, in 1986, who left it in its art deco style, complete with golden stair lifts and monogrammed doors. More movingly, it was left with tons of smaller objects and details witnesses to the previous owner’s past lives, such as photos, shopping lists and old newspaper cuttings.

Beautiful Georgian home in East London:

Located at 4 Princelet Street in London, this historic property sits with other Georgian terraces near the Brick Lane area and it has incredibly enough escaped modernisation and avoided being turned into a glass tower by greedy property developers so far. This old merchant house is in pristine condition, left in its original state with beautiful wooden floors and pretty colors on the walls. If you’re not ready to go full-on Georgian in your own home, you can rent the space for private dinners and parties.

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