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10 Weird Home Styles that Seem Completely Outlandish

We live in a world where our home symbolizes our financial and social status. Hence, most homeowners are conscious about how they design and decorate their homes. However, there are few homeowners that go beyond conventional styles and come up with strange designs and styles that seek lot of attention. Here we take a quick look at the top 10 weird home styles across the globe.

Boeing 727 Style Home

While some are passionate about flying planes, Oregonian Bruce Campbell decided to live in a home that takes inspiration from Boeing 727. He has reassembled it completely to ensure the interiors are well furnished and comfortable.

Toilet Style Home

Built in 2007, this toilet-style home is built by late mayor of Suwon, South Korea, Sim Jae-Duck. This home is made up of glass-walled bathroom, roof-top balcony and toilet drain-style staircase that make it quite unique.

Bubble Style Home


Image by Wikimedia Commons

Quite unique in terms of style this house in France has already been popular across the globe. Designed by organic architect, Antti Lovag the home provides great view of the Mediterranean Sea and celestial view at night time. The home also features garden right in the center along with a waterfall and exotic vegetation.

Barrel Style Home

Originally built by the Pioneer Cooperage Company for cartoonist William Donahey this large size pickle barrel style home lies in Michigan, USA. Although, the home is designed in a simple way the inspiration for the exteriors were taken from the pickle barrels that Reid-Murdock & Company sold to Donahey.

Upside Down Style Home

Built and designed by Polish philanthropist and designer Daniel Czapiewski this is certainly one of the most odd-styled home. The home attracts lot of visitors from all over the globe that prefer to walk into this two story crooked upside-down house.

Cave Style Home

Curt Sleeper decided to convert a cave into a home by buying a limestone and sandstone mining site and building a three bedroom home right into it. Located in Missouri, this also has quite space outside for the property owners.

UFO Spaceship Style Home


Image by Wikimedia Commons

Inspired by Star Trek series, late Curtis King decided to create a different home style and built a home near Chattanooga’s Signal Mountain that looks like a UFO spaceship. The property has three bedroom and two bathroom and was sold in auction in 2008 on eBay.

Mushroom Style Home


Image by Wikimedia Commons

Built by late Terry Brown, this mushroom-style one bedroom house sits in the Hyde Park of Cincinnati. The siding of the house resembles the underside of a mushroom and is made from wood, colored glass and seashells and other materials.

Shoe Style Home

This three-bedroom shoe-style home was built in 1948 as an advertisement ploy for Mahlon N. Haines and was originally used as a guesthouse but it is now open for public to see.

Crooked Style Home

Also known as the Crooked House of Windsor, or Market Cross House this home was built in 1592 and features a secret passageway to Windsor Castle. The home now functions as a tea house for patrons.

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