Chameleon Quick Tips

All chameleon owners want their pets to remain healthy. The greater the knowledge an owner has, the more that the chameleon will benefit. Many problems with these reptiles are caused by the ignorance of their owners. This obviously isn’t the situation in all cases, however, the more knowledge that an owner has, the more interested they become in their pet.

Quick Info –

There are many different species of chameleon and the consensus of opinion is that one of the easiest species for an inexperienced owner is the Veiled Chameleon as it more easily adapts to its new surroundings.
Chameleons change colours, but not, as many people think, to blend in with their surroundings but rather as a result of temperature changes. Although both males and females change colours, the male is the more colourful.
Chameleons have good eyesight and each eye rotates independently!
The Veiled Chameleon male grows to approximately 18-24 inches from snout to tip of tail, whilst the female is considerably smaller with an adult only measuring approximately 10-13 inches from snout to tip of tail.
Chameleons need heat and light in order to survive. The daytime temperature should be in the range of 26-32 degrees Centigrade, with an overnight temperature of 18-21 degrees Centigrade. Chameleons prefer sunlight if at all possible, so a safe and secure enclosure outside – if you reside in a country where this daytime temperature is normal – would be a bonus for the chameleon. However do make sure that there is plenty of shade available.
Lighting is also important and this can be achieved by placing a UV light over the enclosure. The light needs to be on for 10-12 hours every day.


If you are feeding your chameleon with crickets you need to be aware that they sing! Loud crickets sing much louder than small crickets. It is really important to make sure that the crickets can’t escape – if they do they’ll sing all around your home and drive you round the bend! Not really what you want!
It is necessary to dust all food given to your chameleon with vitamins. The easiest way to achieve this is by putting the insect into a bag and sprinkling vitamins over, and then to shake the bag before feeding the insects and crickets to your chameleon.


As your chameleon won’t drink from a bowl the easiest way to make sure that they have enough water is by using a spray mist several times each day. Spray onto the plants in the enclosure and the water will drip from the leaves and the chameleon will drink the droplets.
Don’t over-handle your chameleon. He won’t appreciate it. Some handling is necessary for when you are cleaning the enclosure. Do make sure that children are aware that they aren’t pets which can be stroked.

In Conclusion

These are just a few handy hints which may assist you towards your first purchase. Don’t buy until you have some knowledge as keeping chameleons isn’t very easy and all knowledge gained before purchase is worthwhile.

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