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4 Jobs an Air Compressor Can Speed Up

Air compressor comes as little surprise that many individuals across the UK are afraid to attempt a little home DIY job. A recent survey of 2,000 UK residents found that one in six people in the UK hasn’t attempted DIY in the past, which is quite a large number.

While some may not know what to do, one big issue for many could be not knowing what tools to use. Well, while there are many tools that can be used, places like SGS Engineering offer what is probably the king of tools; the air compressor.

What is an air compressor?

Simply put, an air compressor is a tool that can pretty much do it all. Creating and moving pressurised air, these powerful tools can be used for a wide range of jobs. And can be used to power a whole host of different types of tools.

From the home to the car to outdoors. There are so many jobs that an air compressor can help you with. But, most importantly, they can also help to make the job much easier than you thought. While finding the right one for you will be key, below, we’ve listed four jobs they can help you with.

Home repairs

When it comes to DIY, the home is filled with little jobs, and an air compressor can help. What’s great about them is they can be attached to many devices. Such as power hammers, wrenches, saws and even nail guns. This will allow you to tackle those tough jobs. Just make sure you know the correct PSI/CFM needed for each job and appliance before attempting.

Auto repairs

Auto Repair
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If you have a bit of car know-how about you. Or someone you know does, chances are, you won’t need to visit a garage often. If you’re looking for a way to make these jobs a little easier, such as tune-ups or installing PCV valves, the air compressor can help. They can even help when it comes to removing bolts in tight spaces due to the increased pressure they can add that you can’t.


Painting can be a nightmare both inside and out. But, it’s a job that needs doing, and an air compressor can really help. You out by helping to reduce the amount of time you’re doing the job. Attach to a spray gun and you’ll be able to spray everything from walls and fences to furniture, cabinets and even smaller. Fine painting jobs that just can’t be done with a paintbrush. Another bonus of using the air compressor alongside a spray gun is it’ll help to achieve a much cleaner and more beautiful finish than you’ll get with a paintbrush.


Do you like making things or enjoy a spot of arts and crafts or a little carpentry? Well, now you can make your hobby even easier with one of these amazing devices. Helping to take out some of the harder work, or helping to improve areas that you find difficult. You can use one of these to attach to paint guns, nail guns and a whole manner of other little devices to help you relax and unwind as you enjoy your hobby.

So, if you’ve never embarked on some DIY because of the fear of having the wrong tools. As you can see, there’s one major tool that should be able to help you out whether you’re inside the house or outside it.

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