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6 Reasons Video Games are Healthy for You

We’ve all been told in our lives how video games are a waste of time, detrimental to the eyesight and painful to the brain. But the truth is, there are more positives to gaming than negatives. Playing video games accelerates the brain development along with plenty other health benefits. To back it up, surveys have been conducted to prove that most gamers have enhanced learning capabilities. Let’s put a smile on your face and explore the health benefits of gaming.

Video Games
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1. Video Games Make You Socially Active

If you know anyone who’s anti-social, get them to play video games with you. It is the best way to connect with strangers. The players start off by agreeing to the same rules, and have same resources and a common goal. Striving to achieve the same objective helps everyone to gain the spirit of teamwork and coordination. Even when they are competing, they develop feelings of empathy, inspiration, fighting spirit and acceptance of winning or losing. Multiplayer games require constant interaction of players whether they are in the same room or playing across different countries.

2. Video Games Reduce Depression and Anxiety

As we all know, ‘An empty mind is a devil’s workshop’, so don’t ever leave your mind idle. Instead, play video games to engage your mind and reduce the stress level. When you have nothing to do, your mind automatically drifts to the troubles in your life, which can cause depression. Gaming helps your mind to relax, improves your mood, stops anxiety and makes you emotionally stable. You can play shooting games like ‘Zombie Avenger’ and ‘Angry Birds Huge’ on Friv to take out your anger and frustration on virtual rivals.

3. Video Games Polish Decision Making Skills

If you want to hone your decision-making abilities, you should stick to gaming. Video games put you in situations where you have to take decisions considering all the given factors and that also affect your in-game experience. Gamers are quick-witted and have sharp reflexes than average people. Reliable online gaming sites like Juegos Friv have a number of strategy games to amplify your decision-making skills, which can be translated into the real world.

4. Video Games Improve Cognitive Functioning

Your brain develops speedily under challenging situations, because that’s where you learn and adopt new ideas. Trick your brain into facing life-like challenges through gaming. From the moment, you begin playing a game, the learning phenomenon starts. You memorize all the keys and instructions of that particular game. Without realizing, your brain gets a workout, which improves memory. Other cognitive abilities like attention, perception and focus also enhance as you sink deep into your favorite game.

5. Video Games are an Exercise for Body and Mind

Until now we discussed the tremendous mental health benefits of games, but some games can improve your physical health too. Games that get you moving are available on motion sensing devices like Wii and Xbox Kinect. Motion inspired games motivate you to exercise and have fun at the same time. You get so lost in enjoying the moment that you forget you’re sweating out your calories. Pokemon Go got a real hype back in 2016, and as much as people loved running out to catch pokemons, they stayed in shape too.

6. Video Games Help in Cutting Bad Habits

Nobody craves a pack of cigarettes or something sweet when they are lost in the world of games! Video games act as your nicotine patch to break all the bad habits and cravings. Even a study backs up this statement that smokers can get rid of their cravings of nicotine by simply investing their time in playing multi-player games. If you’re wondering how, think of why cravings exist in the first place. Cravings exist to satisfy one’s inner self, but once you get that satisfaction from knocking over perfectly aligned dominos in Dominocity or by hearing the sound of bubbles popping in the Bubble Shooter game, you’re done with those nasty cravings!

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