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How To Pick Between Aluminium And UPVC Windows

Windows are an integral part of every house and serve various functions. But, windows should be safe, durable and extremely robust in order to prevent your house from every sort of weather or burglars threats. Windows not only contribute to the curb appeal of your home but also help to illuminate it by bringing outer natural light inside the house. There is a never-ending list of different types of windows but the two types gaining fame lately are aluminium and UPVC windows. If you are confused between both the types, below are mentioned some differences among them which can help you in clearing the confusions and choosing the best one for your home.

Aluminium vs UPVC Windows

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1. Durability

Aluminium windows are extremely durable due to its corrosion-resistant, uncrackable or unsplittable properties. Moreover, you won’t have to spend a lot of keeping these windows maintained as they don’t require much care.

On the other hand, UPVC windows are less durable than aluminium windows but they also have some amazing properties such as weather and rot-resistant. These are also low maintenance windows and a smart choice for your bay windows.

2. Lifespan

Due to being rot-resistant, aluminium windows have a super long lifespan of approximately 45 years. UPVC windows, however, have an average lifespan of about 15-30 years which is also an extremely impressive one.

3. Sound Insulation

Aluminium windows are not double sealed which is why they are not good sound insulators. But, UPVC windows have an amazing double seal, multiple lock points and are welded extremely well which doesn’t let the other noise to enter your home.

4. Efficiency

The efficiency of both aluminium and UPVC are almost the same. They both are great insulators despite the misconceptions about the aluminium frame not being thermal resistant. The aluminium frame may feel colder on the touch but comparatively, it is a bit more resistant to heat than UPVC. In case of fire, UPVC can burn down or it can lose its shape. The aluminium frames are not suitable for cold weather as the frame itself can get cold and let the coldness inside the house.

5. Security

Because of the super-durable nature and multiple locks feature, both aluminium and UPVC windows and doors provide great security to your house. However, there are many types of locks and the level of security depends on the type of locks you choose for your windows. The latest and more technical lock it would be, higher would be the safety of windows.

6. Styles

Aluminium windows are available in a wide variety of colours and also dual-coloured frames. Different types of coats and finishes are also available. Aluminium windows give the house a contemporary and modern appeal. Whereas, UPVC windows also have a huge colour range and dual-coloured frame feature, which makes it desirable too.

7. Price

If you get aluminium windows installed, they will ultimately increase the value of your house. Though, these windows are pretty expensive. UPVC windows are usually much lesser in price than the aluminium windows and are easily afforded by many homeowners.

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