What is an Auto-attendant and Could It Work for Your Business?

How do you know if your business needs an auto-attendant? There are a few different variables to consider to go about determining whether your business necessitates an auto-attendant. Things like the size of your brand, the number of calls you’re receiving. Whether or not you’re actually looking to deal with the exponential growth of your brand, which I’m sure you are. But firstly, this article will inform all you business heads out there how to get the most out your auto-attendant, which may be implemented as part of services such as a Cloud-Based Phone System by Gamma. Take a read below to find out more.

Auto Attendant Work for Business

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What is an auto-attendant?

An auto-attendant is the automated voice we hear when we ring a company or business. The polite robot voice that follows the rings and directs you to the relevant department of problem-solving (the same voice that says ‘press one for customer service’, ‘press two for password reset’, etc). Some people, however, just want to speak to a real-life person, and that’s okay. When auto-attendants are bad, they’re really bad, but when they’re good, they greatly improve the efficiencies of your customer service output. Moreover, solving customer and client issues quickly and effectively by automatically redirecting them to the most relevant extension for their problem.

How can an auto-attendant work for your business?

Let’s say you’re a business that delivers a number of different services and products. That all require different specialisms and knowledge. If your customer is calling about apples, you’re going to want them to be redirected to your resident apple expert. Rather than initially speaking to your orange team, and then to be given the run-around. It helps organise calls into manageable sections and creates a more efficient strategy for dealing with external calls to your business, internally. This is especially worthwhile in times of high-demand on your call operators or when orders are high. The auto-attendant essentially acts as the virtual middleman between customer and problem.

Are there any drawbacks of an auto-attendant?

If used correctly, there are no drawbacks to using an auto-attendant across your phone lines, other than that some people simply don’t like them. However, there’s no point thinking of an auto-attendant as something to deter you from answering calls. Sometimes you ring a business and the automated voice will do anything to prevent you from speaking to a human operator. This will only frustrate customers more. Always use an auto-attendant to improve the customer experience, solve problems quickly and effectively and deal with high business demands.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the strongest advocate of it out there. Although, you’re firmly against the use of artificial intelligence in your customer service strategy. Nobody can deny that when implemented perfectly, the trustworthy auto-attendant can save your business both time and money and have valuable benefits for your customers.

We’re talking improved customer satisfaction and happy customers that keep coming back. Auto Receptionists also make the life of your call operators easier. Because there’s no time wasted deciphering problems, just time wasted solving them.

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