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5 Ways to Avoid Pest Problems in Florida

Florida is home to a wide array of troublesome pests. Some of the most common include the Florida woods cockroach, yellow fever mosquito, American dog tick, and Florida carpenter ant. You need to call an exterminator in Orlando immediately if you see any of these on your property. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to prevent pests from coming onto your property entirely.

Avoid Pest Problems
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1. Hire Professional Preventive Services

For the best pest control, you want to leave the job to experts who have been in the field for years. Professionals know how to treat every area of a building ranging from the attic insulation to the crawl space. You should receive preventative services at least twice annually to keep all pests away.

2. Clear Out Your Yard

Most pests enter a house after being welcomed by an inviting yard. Make sure to cut your grass often. In Florida, it is particularly important to prevent any standing water from developing. Standing water provides a haven for mosquitoes and there are several species of mosquitoes around the state that spread disease. You should also trim tree branches and bushes near the exterior of the house.

3. Repair Any Cracks

Pests do not need an open window to enter a building. They can make their way through the smallest cracks. Therefore, you want to bring a professional contractor out to your property roughly once a year to see if there is any damage in your home’s siding. Repair it quickly before any insects realize they can get inside.

4. Eliminate Food Sources

Most pests enter buildings because they realize they can get both food and shelter in one place. As a result, you should not leave any food in the open where bugs can get at it. Clean up any spills or crumbs. Additionally, you should make sure trashcans are kept far away from your house. As well, keep a tight lid on all cans so nothing can get inside.

5. Install a Door Sweep

Finally, you may want to consider installing a door sweep on all doors leading outside and around your home. This is one more entry point you can close off, and it has an additional benefit. During the winter, less hot air will escape through the doors, so you will not have to be as reliant on your HVAC system.

You will feel much more at ease taking preventive action than reactive action. Florida residents can contact the professionals at Terminix by calling 1-844-251-2164 to have a pest-free home all year long.

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