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Fad or fantastic? The lowdown on the benefits of CBD oil

CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol is one of the 104 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. CBD is a non-intoxicating component of the plant and is believed to boast many therapeutic effects on the human body and mind, hence its rise in popularity. As it is a non-psychoactive component, CBD oil does not cause the same euphoric sensation that is typically associated with cannabis.

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So, just why is CBD oil so popular?

Reduces anxiety and depression

Mental health issues have risen drastically in the past few years – one in eight children and young people aged between 5 and 19 now have a diagnosable mental health condition. Additionally, the number of 5-15-year-olds experiencing emotional disorders has increased by almost half at 48%. CBD could reduce anxiety and depression. Such conditions are usually treated with pharmaceutical drugs, however, these can cause a number of unwelcome side effects.

CBD oil has shown great promise as a successful treatment for both depression and anxiety, with many sufferers now opting to take this natural approach. Moreover, CBD oil has been used to safely treat insomnia and anxiety in children with PTSD. Sublingual drops are one of the most popular and versatile forms of CBD oil and are available from many online retailers, such as VSAVI.

Pain relief

Scientists have recently discovered that certain components of cannabis, including CBD, are responsible for its pain-relieving effects. The human body produces something called endocannabinoids; these are neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system. Studies have shown that CBD may reduce chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity. This would reduce inflammation by interacting with neurotransmitters.

Treat skin conditions

Many studies have also suggested that CBD oil has a high potential for treating skin conditions, such as eczema. This is because it encourages abnormal cell death and helps to regulate the skin’s oil production – this also makes it a great treatment for acne. In 2014, a study reported by the Journal of Clinical Investigation found that CBD helps to lower the production of sebum, meaning it may just become the popular go-to treatment for acne.

Fights bacteria resistant to multi-drugs

Many experts claim that CBD is able to destroy drug-resistant strains of bacteria. It is said that CBD can slow down the progression of tuberculosis in rats; scientists claim that this is likely because CBD inhibits T-cell proliferation, rather than taking on antibacterial properties. This may just make CBD a powerful weapon against newly emerging antibiotic-resist superbugs.

Staves off addiction

CBD oil may be able to help people with addiction beat their withdrawal symptoms. A review published by the Journal Substance Abuse in 2015 found that CBD may well have a therapeutic effect on people with addictions to tobacco, cannabis, opioid, psycho-stimulants and cocaine addictions. This is because CBD reduces, or even blocks THC’s effect on the mind. While more research is certainly needed, current findings certainly suggest CBD is fab rather than a fad.

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