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8 Tips To Pick The Best Air Conditioner

About two-thirds of Victorians use air conditioners to combine the best thermal comfort and living conditions under one roof. The number of users is continuously increasing due to the new features these modern day cooling giants like Actron Air are offering to consumers. Here are a few tips to consider before going on a shopping spree for home/office air conditioners.

Best Air Conditioner

1) Affordable:

First thing first, your air conditioner must be affordable. It does not only apply to the initial cost of the machine, but also to the maintenance and running expenses. Large room air conditioners come with additional features, but they are expensive. Therefore, choose according to the size of your room instead of being attracted to extra features.

2) Efficient:

The air conditioner must be efficient in many ways. The technology has evolved, so new ACs now come with digital controls instead of regular LOW and HIGH-temperature features. Energy-saving DC inverters are now a norm. Additionally, the new air conditioning systems allow you to have different temperatures in different rooms at the same time, thus saving you energy bills. All advanced features add to the efficiency of the air conditioners.

3) Know the Warranty:

Warranty is critical for the maintenance of your air conditioners. Before going on an AC shopping trip, check different manufacturer’s websites and know what warranties they are offering on different air conditioners. When you buy, do not forget to get the manufacturer’s warranty card. Keep it safe to claim warranties. It is a no-brainer, you need to buy AC with the best warranty in town.

4) Energy-Saving Setting:

It is our planet, and it is our duty to save it. Go for an air conditioner featuring energy-saving technologies. The cooling machine should run in low setting during the night time. It not only saves you energy cost, but also makes your sleep comfortable.

5) Easy to Install:

Most of the air conditioners come with an easy installation kit. The standing air conditioners do not require much fixing, as they are portable and can be moved from room to room. Small bedroom wall hung split air conditioners come with relatively easy to install features. Always pick the one that suits your facility. Of course, you cannot install a split ducted air conditioner yourself, you need professional assistance.

6) Note the Noise:

The last thing you need from your air conditioner is the noise. The advanced air conditioners have become so quite that the only sound they make is of the running fan. You will start loving your life!

7) Variable Fan Speeds:

The variable fan speed of air conditioners keep the room temperature at your desired level. Move around the highest and lowest speed limits of its fan to find the optimum level. Additionally, ducted systems allow you to individually set temperature for each room, thus help you save both the electricity and money in the long-run.

8) Intelligent Cooling:

Talking about speed control features through a remote, intelligent cooling is the newest feature. It allows you to connect your air conditioner with your smartphone. Some of them come with the feature of getting interconnecting with other cooling units in the house as well.

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