Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy

Buying cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming one of the most popular ways to hold assets for technology-savvy millennials. There are currently hundreds of cryptos available to buy in the market, but there are only a handful of coins out there that are really worth anyone’s time or money.

With many first-time investors looking to get a piece of the cryptocurrencies action, most newcomers are confused by the overwhelming options available.

Here are the best and most profitable cryptocurrencies you can buy right now:

Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy
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1. Dash

Dash is an open-source cryptocurrency that focuses on privacy. It is designed to be a coin to replace Bitcoin’s shortcomings, such as speed and confidentiality. Dash has been holding its value consistently over $500 for the past 2years and looks unlikely to crash.

2. Monero

Monero is another privacy-centric cryptocurrency that has been in circulation in several dark web markets. If you are willing to look aside on the dubious trading that is going on in the dark web, you will see there is a relatively large demand for Monero. Monero prices have been trending upwards in the past few years, so now is an excellent time to enter.

3. Neo

Arguably also known as the Ethereum of China, Neo is slowly getting acceptance in most major cryptocurrency exchanges. The reason for its popularity is because Neo may become the future crypto of choice in the Chinese market, and there are several strong indicators that look to suggest that. Neo prices are also quite stable so it should retain value well into the future.

4. Bitcoin

Even with hundreds of cryptocurrencies and tokens available in the markets today, Bitcoin is still the undisputed king of cryptos. With a high price of nearly $10,000, Bitcoin is the gold standard of cryptocurrencies despite its aging technology. Bitcoin is also the most widely recognized and acceptable cryptocurrency even outside of crypto markets.

5. Ethereum

If Bitcoin is the gold standard, then Ethereum is the silver standard. After the waning popularity of Litecoin, Ethereum has overtaken Litecoin as the second most popular cryptocurrency. With regular support and development from the Ethereum team, most tokens in the market now are created from Ethereum contract technology, which makes it an essential piece of technology for the future of cryptocurrencies.

How to find the best cryptocurrencies

It can be challenging to swim across a sea of different crypto products to buy if you are not familiar with the world of cryptos. Investors need to do their own research into the different types of crypto products before investing any money. Buying cryptocurrencies can be more profitable than mining with computer equipment because there is a lower entry cost to buy than to mine.

Not all cryptocurrency trading markets allow you to buy the type of cryptos that you want either. Some trading platforms such as Bitcoin Trader will enable users to quickly earn profits through trading some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, while platforms such as Binance only offer smaller and more obscure tokens for trade.

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