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11 Best Programming Language Trends of 2017

Best Programming Language Trends

As the saying goes, ‘New year, new beginnings’. Many of you will graduate, search for new job opportunities or build your own career, as you proceed with this year. But before stepping into the game, you need to reflect on your skills. We all know programming has gained a worldwide popularity when it comes to designing websites, building software, producing apps or feeding instructions in hardware. In short, an impressive grasp on programming languages is highly in-demand for securing top-notch jobs. Employers use coding tests by Tests4Geeks as their ultimate tool to analyze the coding skills of any candidate before interviewing them.

With that being said, how good a programmer you are? If this question got you thinking, then you have some serious amendments to make. Don’t worry we’re not here to abandon you in this hassle. Below mentioned is the list of 11 best programming languages trending in 2017. All you have to do is pick the one that interests you the most, master it and earn the job of your dreams rightfully.

Best Programming Language Trends
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Side note: Programming languages can help you make extra bucks by being a part of your gig if you’re already employed. You can kick-start your own website and create effective projects if you’re excellent in coding. The sky’s the limit for a programmer!

1. C

 C programming languages

Out of all the programming languages, C is the basic one. It is a general-purpose language that has its applications in mobile devices, enterprise and embedded systems. The reason C is known as a portable language is because it can be compiled on different types of computers. Many operating systems (such as UNIX and LINUX) are written using this language. Learning C programming is pretty easy, because a program can be written as a series of step-by-step instructions. The syntax of other languages (C++, C# and Java) is influenced by C language, so mastering this language means opening doors to learning other languages easily.

2. JavaScript

According to The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings, JavaScript remains the most popular choice among developers and programmers, due to its supports for all modern web browsers and mobile devices. It is proven effective for designing websites, developing web applications and adding interactive elements to a website. I guess this justifies why JavaScript is known as the language of the web. You can develop polls and quizzes using this. As JavaScript is an interpreted language, any plain text editor (like Notepad) can be used to write the code, but an editor that colorizes the code makes it easy to spot your mistakes.

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3. C++

Inspired by C programming language, C++ is an intermediate level language with qualities of both high and low level programming languages. Understanding C++ language will help you create a database, control electronic devices and display high-speed graphics in a game/ video with tons of applications in firmware.

4. Java

You might be wondering the same sounding languages, Java and JavaScript, are the same. Well, that’s not true, both have prominent differences. Java is regarded to be simpler than C++ with an object-oriented twist. It is a crucial element for developing any basic Android app. Java enjoys immense popularity among the developers, because of the features it offers to develop smart phone applications. Learn Java programming to become a smartphone app developer.

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5. Python

The most widely used high-level programming language can be a smart addition to your skills in 2017. Easy to learn, Python focuses on the readability of codes by expressing the same codes that can be implemented on C++ or Java, but in fewer lines. It is intended to write clear programs on both small and large scales. The best part is that a program needs to be written once and it can be used on any computer without the need of changing the code. You can take online Python tutorials to learn this language quickly. This language will help you process images, videos and scientific data or just about anything that can be saved on a computer.

6. Scala

Yet another general purpose programming language, Scala is a combination of both object-oriented and functional programming. As the name suggests, it is a ‘scaleable’ language, and it is intended to reduce the short comings of Java. So, if you have a prior knowledge of Java language, it’s no biggie for you to learn Scala. Due to its versatility, Scala has its demands rising this year.

7. C#

Released by Microsoft in 2002, C# is influenced by C++ and C. It greatly assists Microsoft applications, especially those powered by .NET Framework. Any task that a computer can physically perform can be achieved by programming through C#. This language is excellent for developing both desktop and web applications. As C# is backed by Microsoft, it is likely to stay for a long while. So, learn C# programming language.

8. Swift

Swift is a result of Apple’s initiative to create a programming language for its iOS and OS X application development in 2014. Since then, Swift has been a developer’s favorite due to its interactive and fun coding. Swift’s powerful and intuitive programming has made its demand rise above the stars. This Apple’s development language is easy to learn and can help you develop intuitive apps.

9. PHP

If you wish to become a web developer, PHP is the programming language for you to master. It is a server-side scripting language on which internet giants like Facebook and WordPress are based. Add another useful programming language to your tool belt with PHP and master the art of web development.

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10. Go

Google’s Go programming language was 2016’s programming language of the year as reported by Business Insider. This open source programming language aims at developing efficient and reliable software programs. Go programming is attracting more attention when it comes to developing projects for web servers, APIs, minimal web application frameworks and much more. Learn Go programming language to maximize your job opportunities.

11. Ruby

Ruby is unique among other object-oriented scripting languages and is used to create smart mobile and web apps. What makes it stand out is its simplicity for new learners, while remaining powerful for experienced programmers and providing all the required tools. Ruby on Rails is in high demand these days with Rails being model-view-controller (MVC) framework written in Ruby under the MIT license.

Share your thoughts with us on these powerful programming languages and let us know which one you found most interesting!

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