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Top 4 Best Smartphone for Business Professionals in 2019

Month on month, year on year, smartphones are becoming more advanced, more compact and better equipped. This makes them a wonderfully powerful tool when it comes to business ventures. Best Smartphone for Business is the main tool in growing business.

Thanks to smartphones, your contacts are just a tap away. And your social media presence can be constant, aiding better business development.

Arguably, the only pitfall of the smartphone is knowing which one to purchase. Here, we review some of the best-tried and tested high-end smartphones of 2019 thus far.

Best Smartphone for Business Professionals

best smartphone for business
Image by pexels

iPhone XS

It may have been a topsy-turvy start to the year for Apple. But don’t let that put you off the iPhone XS. It’s far from a slightly marked-up version of the iPhone 8. And is actually the best iPhone ever made, with the pinnacle of Apple’s smartphone design.

Equipped with a Gigabit-class LTE 512 GB of storage, and an intelligent A12 bionic chip and neural engine, the XS’ graphics performance is 50% faster than other models. Additionally, it also boasts performance cores that are 15% faster, but is 50% lower in power usage too, with impressively efficient cores. This all makes the XS one of the fastest and Best Smartphone for Business on the market. This means that your business needs won’t be halted, even for a second.

iPhone XS
Image by Pixaby

Samsung Galaxy S9+

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is another incredibly powerful smartphone, also perfect for business use. Powered by Bixby Vision. This device is able to translate 54 languages on signs and menus. This is ideal for when you are navigating your way through foreign countries and will minimize the stress of any business trips you take.


Google Pixel 2 XL

With the help of Google Assistant, the Pixel 2XL is able to listen to your commands, text, turn on Bluetooth and set reminders for you. Google Assistant can even activate Google Lens. A feature that is able to identify landmarks, objects and even scan business cards to automatically add contact information into your phone.

Google Pixel 2-XL
image by Flickr

The device can also offer up to seven hours of battery life, with a charge of just 15-minutes. A powerful battery means you will never have to miss a business call due to a dead phone. And never again will you have to learn the harsh lesson of why missed calls can often mean missed business opportunities.


LG V35 ThinQ

The LG V35 ThinQ is another device worth considering, and, like the Pixel 2. It is also powered by Google Assistant. The phone is able to identify objects you hover your phone over. And also pick up your voice in noisy environments – no business call will have to wait due to not being heard.

Microsoft Lumia 950

This device is similar to that of a mini PC. The Lumia 950 is powered by Windows 10 and the smartphone syncs with all Windows 10 devices that you own – laptops and computers included. This is especially helpful for your business, as it means you can easily access any of your Office documents, spreadsheets, notes, photos, and presentations from the tip of your fingers.

You’re also able to connect the Lumia 950 to a Microsoft Display Dock, using it as a computer to access your files from any Windows app to, so you can work comfortably on the move, regardless of whether you have your laptop.

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