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What’s the Best time of year to buy a new car?

The price of a new car is something that fluctuates according to a whole host of criteria. The list price put forward by the manufacturer is a guideline – but supply and demand, as well as global economic factors (like Brexit and the Coronavirus), may also have their say in things.


Among the most overlooked of these factors is the time of year. At certain points on the calendar, demand will naturally slump, and prices will slump with them. On the other hand, dealers might become more inclined to sell, thanks to systems of quotas and other incentives. In isolation, these things might not amount to much. But cumulatively, they’re worth taking into consideration, especially when making a purchase of this size.

Find out when the month ends

Car salespeople have targets that they need to meet before the end of a given period – this might be the financial year or the end of a given month. You might think that you can simply arrive in the last week of a month and benefit from the required desperation. But some dealerships may end their working month a few days early, so it’s worth erring on the side of caution and arriving on the 22nd.

Go Before the New Plates Arrive

Every six months in the UK, new licence plates are issued. These allow motorists to tell, at a glance, when the vehicle in question was sold. If you arrive at the dealership shortly before the changeover, the chances are good that the dealership will have a backlog of the older registrations to run through – and thus you’ll have greater leverage when you come to negotiate the price.

Look at the Weather

Certain sorts of a car are more difficult to sell at certain times of the year. If the showroom is encircled by a blizzard. Then the appeal of a top-down convertible might be difficult to convey. Similarly, the need for a 4×4 might not be quite so apparent when the roads are clear and the weather is bright and sunny. To get the best deal, shop around six months in advance of when you’ll really need the car.

Look for holidays

There are some days when demand will naturally lull. And salespeople will be keen to get out of the door and get home. If you have time on your side, you’ll be able to persuade just that little more effectively. Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and other public holidays are all prime targets for those wishing to negotiate a cut-price deal on a new car.

Go Used

Of course, if you’d really like to restrict your spending. Then a better idea might be to look at the used market instead. A Used Nissan Northern Ireland, for example, can be picked up for just a few thousand pounds. For more information about used cars, you can read our new cars vs used cars section.

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