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Boost Your Home’s Value with a Kitchen Makeover

When planning for any kind of home improvement project, homeowners nowadays don’t simply consider aesthetics but increasing the value of their home as well. Considering the booming housing market in Canada, it’s definitely worth thinking about how much value a renovation can add to your home. A kitchen makeover is an excellent choice if you want to improve your house’s functionality, looks, and price tag. This large project, however, requires some serious planning. Here are tips to help you get started in the right direction.

Boost Your Home’s Value with a Kitchen Makeover
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1) Start By Decluttering

Many homeowners tend to avoid cleaning the kitchen until the mess has become so bad that it requires a truckload of time to get the kitchen looking like new again. Before things take a turn for the worse, start decluttering the kitchen and getting rid of broken items. You may also have expired food lying around so discard them right away. You might find yourself surprised at how much space these useless items are taking up in your kitchen.

2) Invest in a High-quality Countertop

If there’s anything you should put your money into during a kitchen renovation, it’s definitely a sturdy countertop. The countertop will be the most used area of your kitchen while being its focal point as well. You should not settle for any material that wouldn’t last for years. Experts at kitchen renovations Vancouver recommend using natural stone like quartz or granite. These materials require a huge upfront investment, but you’ll surely get your money’s worth in the long run.

3) Check The Plumbing Fixtures

Any kitchen renovation should result in the right balance of form and function. Remember that no matter how good your kitchen looks after the makeover, you’ll end up disappointed if you run into familiar issues such as leaks. Have a professional plumber check your pipes and fixtures to make sure that they’re still in great shape. If anything needs to be replaced, be sure to do so immediately to avoid future problems.

4) Pick The Right Colors

Now, this is one of the most important considerations when renovating your kitchen. When it comes to picking the colors, it all boils down to personal preference. Still, you must consider the overall look of your home. Some people love bold and bright colors, while others like the simplicity of black, white, and grey. If your kitchen is small, consider using lighter colors to create the illusion of space.

5) Add Useful Appliances

Sometimes, it’s tempting to buy new appliances for your kitchen just for the sake of it. In reality, though, you should really only get the things you’d use regularly such as a stove and a refrigerator. Things like a wall oven can be a nice touch to your kitchen, but note that it will only increase the value of your home in the eyes of the right buyer. While you’re choosing what appliances to get, try to look for energy-saving features so you can save a lot of money on electricity over the long term.

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