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Brands Using Social Media the Right Way

Social media has rapidly developed from a way to share your thoughts and photos into a powerful platform that can be used to drive sales. Many companies still struggle to dominate on social media – often when they don’t come up with unique creative ideas or fail to learn from other brands’ mistakes. You can excel in branding on social media with the help of a creative brand agency such as Creative Spark. Let’s take a look at some brands who are using social media in an innovative way.

Brands on Social Media
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As one of the biggest brands in the world, it is no surprise that Nike’s marketing team know exactly how to use social media to their advantage. With almost 100 million followers on Instagram, Nike is the third most popular brand account – providing them with a platform to engage audiences worldwide.

But what makes this brand so popular on social media? In an extremely competitive industry, Nike is aware that consumers are overloaded with brand promotion and information. Therefore, Nike uses social media to sell their products without actually directly selling them. Rather than overloading their images with product tags, they use emotional triggers to provoke feelings that influence the customers’ decision making.

Nike provokes emotional responses from the users by using emotional triggers such as pictures of Paralympians and motivational quotes. These allow followers to gain self-belief and they will come back to the brand again due to the emotional connection created between brand and customer.

What you can take from Nike’s use of social media:

  • Instead of selling products to encourage audiences to choose your brand, sell dreams.
  • Be aware of what motivates your customers and create content based on this.
  • Use a combination of text and visual content to provoke an emotional response.
  • Include your products on social media but do not focus on them too much.


As one of the world’s leading online fashion retailers, ASOS has perfected the art of marketing on social media.

Creating a marketing campaign that revolves around diversity isn’t a new idea. However, the fact that ASOS has an inclusive attitude in its marketing has resulted in the brand gaining heaps of praise from audiences.

In a time of acceptance and diversity, it is essential to find ways to be approachable by different sectors of the market. Because of this, ASOS uses social media to share images of people of all sexualities, backgrounds, genders, shapes and sizes. Not only does this include any potential customers, but audiences gain an understanding of whether certain clothes would fit them.

What you can take from ASOS’ use of social media:

  • Break stereotypes to appeal to a wider audience.
  • Make sure you do thorough market research on social media in order to understand your intended audience.
  • Send invitations to your fans asking them to become brand ambassadors.
  • Know what makes your customers tick and let them believe in themselves.


One of the largest coffee chains across the world, Starbucks is absolutely excelling on Instagram. With its average likes per post topping 170,000 and an abundance of comments, Starbucks has a higher than average engagement rate.

Despite Starbucks making colourful and creative Instagram posts, it also shares user-generated content. In 2014, the brand ran a #WhiteCupContest in which consumers encouraged to draw on their coffee cups and share a photo of it on social media. The winner would receive their design printed on a rare Starbucks reusable coffee cup. As a result of the competition, more than 4,000 people entered in a mere three weeks.

Because Starbucks posts its followers’ content, audiences are provided with an opportunity to be featured on their account; generating hype around their brand and driving engagement. After all, who wouldn’t want to be featured on an account with over 18 million followers? The use of user-generated content allows Starbucks to connect with consumers and create a bond without having to spend loads of money.

What you can take from Starbucks’ use of social media:

  • Allow your fans to be brand advocates and spread the hype around your products on social media.
  • Collaborate with influencers to get the ball rolling with user-generated content.
  • Provoke audiences to create user-generated content by running competitions and giving awards.


Out of so many brands striking on social media effectively. Reebok is the one which produces shoes, sportswear and other athletic apparel. Through using various social media platforms, Reebok has, over the years, developed its own strong digital marketing strategy.

Regarding the use of different platforms of social media, Reebok has made its Instagram full of colourful fitness photography. The brand also presents the appealing photos of its latest sports shoes on its Facebook page. Not only are there these two social media platforms supporting Reebok. However, YouTube and LinkedIn are also not far behind in this context.

The company has a very influential social media marketing strategy implemented on a regular basis. Not only does the brand share content on a regular basis and post-LinkedIn status updates but it also links to posts from its blog. These posts include interviews with world-class athletes, fitness tips, valuable techniques from the athletics point of view and many more things worth appreciating. Special care is given to the targeted audience and the brand always focuses on creating content their audience wants to read.

It observed very closely that 40% of LinkedIn users usually log in on a daily basis and search for the ever-new content. Since Reebok is quite habitual of posting only the real value content. It made up its mark as an expert in the industry and a lot of potential customers are always being driven its way.

The way Reebok uses LinkedIn includes crafting a strong headline and including a lot of images. Usually, the strong headline develops itself into a powerful statement that appeals to the readers appreciably. Moreover, content written in bullet points is created. So, that it may remain “skimmable” as well and does not bother the readers too much.

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