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Top Business Card Templates for 2018

Business cards are often the first tangible product your potential clients will see and associate with you or your company. Having a small, neat stack of business cards on hand can do more for your business than nearly any other marketing or contact information materials. With several trends emerging in business cards as of late, it’s a good idea to use a template to make sure you’re giving a modern and professional impression on your card stock.

Business Card Templates

Download some of these top business card templates to turn a brief meeting into a solid sale or business relationship.

Corporate Business Card

1) Corporate Executive Business Card Template:

This powerful template uses a solid-colour dark background selection with red or blue font options to convey a professional, corporate look and feel. This is a great choice for upper management and company owners who want to make a strong impression.

Business Cards with Images

2) Business Cards with Images:

Printing a background image on your business card is a great way to show you put in the extra effort. Adding a cityscape, product image, or other graphics to your card can help make a bold impression or encourage your customers to associate your name with the product or service you’re offering.

Download this template along with its stock photo or replace it with your own graphic for a more customized card.

Photography Business Cards

3) Photography Business Cards:

A well-designed business card can be a photographer’s best friend and ally in business. This amazing card template allows you to use one of several high-quality stock photos, or swap with your own photography sample for a well-crafted business card. Print this high-resolution business card template on a commercial printer for best results.

Digital Business Card Templates

4) Digital Business Card Templates:

While you still have the option to print the digital business cards you design with Haystack, you’ll have a great digital version as well. This is the perfect choice for modern businesses who want a classic appearance on the web reminiscent of traditional business advertising. To make and utilize this digital business card maker simply download the app and enter your contact information into one of the included templates. Purchase Joomla hosting to share your card with others through a personal or business website.

Rounded Corner Business Cards

5) Rounded Corner Business Cards:

If you’re looking for a way to add spruce of creativity to your business card while keeping the classic white and black format, this rounded-corner template is perfect for you. This is an ideal card for those with artistic businesses like Etsy shops and bakeries. This card template costs $6 and is downloadable in PSD (Adobe Photoshop) format.

Monochrome Business Cards

6) Monochrome Business Cards:

Monochrome business cards match nearly any colour scheme and business theme. This monochrome card design is super easy to make your own by adding a few lines of contact information and printing. The grayscale scheme on this card offers a neutral platform, suitable for all business types.

Watercolor Business Card

7) Watercolor Business Card:

This watercolour style business card is a must-have for anyone in a style-based industry like florists, bakers, artists, fashion, and store owners. The card contains a pretty, appealing watercolour-like background splash with plenty of room for a name, address, and contact number. This is a double-sided business card, which looks expensive and classy when printed on heavy card stock paper.

Vertical Business Card Templates

8) Vertical Business Card Templates:

This vertical business card template is rated as one of the best card designs for 2018 by Envato market customers. Not only does this card break the monotony of traditional, horizontal cards, but it also comes with a back-facing design to further enhance your card’s aesthetic. This tech-savvy card can also be used digitally if you wish to post a copy on your website or blog. All you need to share your card digitally is a web host and website URL. Getting Joomla hosting is a great way to start an online business without paying CMS fees and make use of your new high-tech card.

Black Business Card with White Font

9) Black Business Card with White Font:

Inverting the white space on your business card to use a white font over a black background is a great way to make your business stand out. This card is perfect for those in the arts, technology, entertainment, and foodservice industries. Keep your text minimal and typography clean to capture the intended sleekness of this card’s design.

Minimalist White Business Card Template

10) Minimalist White Business Card Template:

Sometimes going with a clean, simple business card is best. This downloadable minimalist business card template makes use of white space to get right to the point. If you’re looking for something a little less flashy, you can feel comfortable handing this business card out in any setting.

Whether you want a graphical, high-tech looking business card or need to keep it simple and straightforward, these templates will help you create a professional card stock communication for any business person, artist, or expert.

Download one of the templates listed here to save money on the design and printing your business cards.

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