Business Ownership In 2016 And Beyond

Business Ownership

How can I, as a business owner, increase not only my but my team of employee’s efficiency and effectiveness?

Upon identifying the weak areas of the business as it is, what steps can be taken to operate at a higher level, thereby providing a level of product and service to our customers that not just meets their expectations but rather exceeds them?

Then, and only then, will our company begin to see the results of our efforts where it matters most to the business owner, the bottom line.

For after all, if a business is not profitable at some point the doors close and everyone loses. Everyone includes the owner, employees, customers, vendors; and so many more.

Business Ownership
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There is no cut in the wool answer to this age old dilemma, rather the experience of many through the years and some general principles and suggestions.

Yet with the advancements being made in the technological arena, it has become increasingly easy to save time and money in the business world.

Let’s start with some of the basics that we learned way back in grade school. I know, what in the world is he going to remind me of from grade school that I need to hear about for my business? You asking yourself that question?

If you and your team of employees are not; getting enough sleep, the right kind of sleep, eating healthy, avoiding distractions while at work (pesky cell phone), and not compartmentalizing your home life from work, then you are not operating at 100% efficiency and effectiveness.

Not even close.

Inventory how you spend your time, you will be shocked at how the 5 to 10 minutes add up.

With the technological boom of recent, business owners are becoming increasingly empowered to handle the day to day operations remotely. Are you, as the business owner, taking advantage of the training and events that are held so you can stay on top of the latest innovations?

Are you ensuring that everyone in your organization, including yourself, are receiving the proper training to utilize the technology at your disposal?

Now that you have inventoried some of the weaker areas of your business when it comes to productivity, ask yourself this question; Where do we stand with payroll processing?

This is an area that is often overlooked in many organizations as the time tested method of punching a time clock and manually calculating the hours worked is still in place at many businesses!

According to Walton O’Neal, CEO of O’Neals Drug Store, and as quoted on, “ClockSpot has decreased our time doing payroll by 75%”. What is ClockSpot you are probably asking yourself, and how is it possible to save time in processing payroll?

With the technological boom has come ways for business owners to be rid of those pesky old fashioned time clocks and punch cards and empower the team of employees and managers to clock in from wherever they are.

In today’s business landscape, with more and more businesses going the route of “work from home”, payroll technology will become your friend.

Don’t settle for complacency, strive to be better as each day comes along. Everyone will benefit.

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