5 Pros and Cons of Upgrading to a Performance Car Clutch

When you are driving a performance vehicle, you want to make sure that it’s operating at peak performance. This means making sure that you have all the best parts and in the world of torque, that often comes down to the clutch. Although several elements can be upgraded for performance, the clutch is an integral part of the system. Factory car clutches don’t offer as much as aftermarket parts, but a lot of people are still on the fence.

After all, while upgrading can be great, you can also upgrade too much, and then you will get poor performance because you have too much power and the car doesn’t know what to do with it. Here are some big pros and cons of upgrading your vehicle to a performance clutch system.

How does a Car Clutch Effect Performance

how does a car clutch effect performance
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More Power

The whole point of performance car clutches is to help provide more power and torque to the engine. This will give you better handling, higher speeds, and other performance perks. It’s all about making a statement and whether you’re racing or just enjoying some off-road fun, your aftermarket clutch can guarantee that you’re doing it with the most power for the best performance every time.

More Control

A performance clutch kit will give you a lot more control than a standard factory clutch or automatic transmission. You’ll be able to better control speed and horsepower and get better handling on the road at all speeds. Plus, there will be less slipping and fewer risks of dropping the clutch entirely, giving you more peace of mind.

Added Value

An aftermarket clutch could provide added value for your vehicle. Some models are better when they are upgraded, and if you’re looking to sell or just have a more valuable asset, this is something to think about. Consider a performance clutch an investment, not just an upgrade.

More Expensive

While upgrading to an aftermarket clutch offers better performance, power, and control, it may also be a more expensive choice for those who are doing so. Be sure to shop around and compare your options because you really don’t have to spend more than you can afford, and there’s still a lot of selection available.

May Affect Warranties

If you are driving a vehicle with any kind of warranty, check on the regulations regarding parts upgrades. The last thing that you want to do is upgrade for performance and lose the peace of mind that comes with the warranty that your vehicle has. It isn’t always going to be an issue, but it may come up so it’s worth noting.

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