Features to Look for in the Cars of Today

Safety Car Features

The cars we drive are now packed full with technology we could have only dreamed of a decade ago, and we continue to edge ever closer to driverless cars becoming a reality. However, for now, they’re still far away. But, the good news is that the technology available in cars can now make you safer than ever before, helping reducing driver error as a cause of crashes. Here are the safety features and driver aids you should look for when you buy a new car.

Cars of Today

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Collision Detection

Collision detection systems, and collision avoidance systems are fitted in cars with the hope of either reducing the seriousness of a cash or preventing a crash from occurring at all. The majority of crashes are caused by driver error and not mechanical faults, meaning that collision detection systems, or forward collision warning systems as they’re also known, are vital.

Collision detection and prevention systems use lasers, radars and cameras in order or warn the driver that a crash is imminent or take action autonomously without the need for driver action i.e. pressing the brakes to slow the car or steering to avoid a parked car.

Most manufacturers now offer collision detection systems on their top end models. However, in the next 5-10 years, the challenge is to bring the price down to make them available in the entry price models.

Lane Assist

Lane assist, or lane departure warning systems is designed to inform the driver when their vehicle drifts out of a lane (most commonly on the motorway), unless a car’s indicator is turned on. Distractions from drivers and drowsiness are two of the main forms of accidents on the roads, and lane assist helps prevent this.

Two types of lane assist systems are available in cars, one that warns the driver the car has left a lane through visuals and/ or vibrations, and ones that do the aforementioned but also take action if the driver does not.

Parking Sensors

If you struggle to either parallel park or reverse into a bay, then parking sensors and auto parking options are the option for you. To help you park, sensors fitted around the car will start to beep when you get close to a car or object on any corner of the vehicle. The beeps get louder and closer together the closer to the object you get, and a display shows you the corner that’s close to impact.

In higher end models, you can even get options where the car completely parks for you!

Additional Luxuries…

All of these safety features can help keep you far safer. However, it’s also worth keeping in mind that there are certain non-essential in-car luxuries that can make the car a much nicer place to be on your morning commute to the office. From heated seats that are perfect in the cold winter months to pop-up speakers for summer drives with the roof down, the world is your oyster.

With all this technology available, it’s hard to imagine how much further technology in cars can take us, but we can’t wait to find out. Maybe driverless cars are closer than we think?

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