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Top Tips To Start Your Career In Aesthetics

The field of aesthetics is an exciting and growing sector that is appealing to an exponentially high number of beauty or medical professional each year. It is indeed a very rewarding and lucrative sector that is set to be worth over $69,786 millions by 2021.

The medical aesthetics market, which encompasses all aesthetic procedures that take place in a medical setting, is currently worth over $52,405, including both product and service revenues.

This incredible surge in numbers is partially due to the growing popularity of non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections and other dermal fillers such as Restylane. Laser and other energy-based procedures can boast the second-biggest share of the market.

High revenues might be one huge perk of the job, but becoming an aesthetics professional involves much more than simply completing a few Botox courses. Just like for any other jobs, human qualities, top-notch interpersonal skills and a real interest in the field of aesthetics are essential in order to become a successful aesthetics professional.

Career In Aesthetics
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1. Commitment to learning and growing

In medical aesthetics, learning doesn’t stop once you have obtained the right qualifications and licence to pursue your career. With hot new trends and technologies emerging with each passing year, aesthetics practitioners have to keep on top of things learning-wise, in order to meet clients expectations.

One such emerging trend in 2016 is the waning popularity of injectables, as reported by business insider Robin Shobin, founder of the successful medical skincare company Charlotte’s Book.

According to Shobin, more and more women are looking into alternatives to injectables as Botox and dermal fillers, such as laser and heat-based procedures that are likely to become all the rage over the next few years and definitely will involve some form of training for medical aestheticians already in the business.

2. Give the best possible advice

Being a good listener with excellent psychological skills is crucial. It’s important your client feels listened to and that you don’t solely focus on performing the procedure but understand the client’s needs and expectations. Don’t skimp on spending a little extra time with each client to really know what their concerns might be and how their skin is likely to react with the treatment.

3. Practice what you preach

It will be harder to get more bookings from your clients if you haven’t tested at least some of the services on offer in your medical aesthetics practise or spa.

4. Building a strong client base

Getting new clients and ensuring that existing clients come back regularly is one of the biggest challenges for most medical aesthetics business owners. Marketing strategies such as loyalty programs or free trials might be a good option depending on your customer base and don’t skimp on web marketing if you want potential clients to find out more about you.

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