Does Your Business Need a Solicitor on Retainer?

When you are setting up your business, you will contact a number of different people to help you with different aspects. For example, you might enlist the help of an accountant to set up your taxes and your payroll and you might need a solicitor to help register the business and write up the initial contracts. When your business with the solicitors is over, you may want to consider keeping them on retainer. Here are some of the reasons why.


Debunking Common Myths Surrounding Divorce in the UK

If your marriage is on the verge of dissolution, where do you turn to for information? Many people gain their only knowledge about divorce law from what is available in the media. Unfortunately, some myths and rumours can muddle facts and lead to many misconceptions. Divorce is a reality of life and the more you know, the easier it is to navigate the complexities that will ensue later on. This article aims to debunk those myths surrounding divorce in the UK.

divorce myths

Being the offended party in adultery does not lead to a bigger settlement

In financial settlements resulting from divorce, adultery does not affect asset division. Wherever you are in England, the same law applies to divorce. Emery Johnson Astills Solicitors in Leicester and solicitors anywhere in England and Wales would refer to section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act to distribute marital finances after divorce. The court will not use immoral acts to punish the offender from receiving fair financial gains from the settlement.

The only exception to this rule is when the offending party decides to cohabit with the other person involved in the affair, as the courts may consider their financial obligations and needs differently when coming up with a settlement.

Quickie divorce is a myth

Blame it on the media to completely skew details of divorce proceedings, especially when involving celebrities. Misleading reports often give people the impression that there is a possibility to get a quick divorce. A petitioning party receiving a pronouncement in open court of decree nisi or divorce entitlement is not an absolute decree.

In reality, solicitors will give the petitioning party proper expectations on how long it takes to complete a divorce proceeding. The process can take months, not weeks, and an absolute decree only applies after resolving all financial issues.

The court is prejudicial towards men

One of the major misconceptions about divorce is that the settlement typically favours women. Once again, the misinformation stems from the media and the high-profile celebrity cases which, almost always, portray the wife as the victim.

Perhaps it is due to the traditional view that women are mostly homemakers that led to the impression that the courts favour them over men. However, equality is a principle that governs divorce financial settlements. The law aims for fairness but will also consider the needs of whoever is financially vulnerable.

Mediation leads to reconciliation

Mediation is not the same as counselling. The purpose of mediation is to help the erring parties come to an amicable divorce, while counselling aims to assist the couple in resolving marital concerns. Couples need not feel threatened that mediation proceedings are in place to encourage reconciliation.

A mediation meeting is required because it helps couples enter a safe space where they can discuss details related to the financial settlement, asset separation, and child custody so that both parties agree without the added stress and expenses of settling these matters directly in court. Mediation irons out many problems that occur in divorce which in many ways helps speed up the process and relieves much of the hostility surrounding the process.

The more informed you are about divorce law, the easier it is to avoid the pitfalls of these common misconceptions especially when you are facing a similar proceeding.


What Would a ‘No Deal’ Brexit Mean for Immigration?

A ‘no deal’ Brexit is, as you might suspect, a failure between the UK and the EU to reach a withdrawal agreement by the 29th March 2019.

In such a scenario, there would be no 21-month transition period that would occur in the case of a deal, and consequently the UK would immediately cease to exist as part of the EU. Individuals, businesses and public entities would be immediately exposed to any changes as a result of departing the EU and would need to react as best they could.

In terms of immigration, freedom of movement will come to an end regardless of a deal or not, but what specifically does ‘no deal’ mean for those abroad?

brexit mean for immigration
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What Would ‘No Deal’ Mean for EU Citizens Living in the UK?

The good news for EU citizens already living in the UK by 29th March is that a ‘no deal’ Brexit shouldn’t cause too big an issue. The government has stated the EU Settlement Scheme, which allows residents to apply to stay in the UK post-Brexit, will continue, regardless of a deal or otherwise.

For EU nationals looking to come to the UK after the 29th March, the story is a little different. ‘No deal’ means that freedom of movement ends immediately with no transition period, thus any new arrivals would have to apply to remain in the UK after three months.

With 3 million pre-Brexit Settlement Scheme applications to process alongside upcoming post-Brexit applications to remain, this produces several complex problems for those arriving after the 29th March. The main issues would surround the duration of stay, the ability to work and the legality issues of new arrivals staying in the UK after their initial 3 months.

To summarise: the long-term status of those arriving between ‘no deal’ and the introduction of a new system would be unclear, and that is a major issue.

What Would ‘No Deal’ Mean for British Ex-Pats Living Abroad?

The fate of British ex-pats hangs in a similar limbo to their EU counterparts, with 1.3 million Brits abroad unsure of their rights to remain and work come the 29th March. Qualified professionals practicing abroad may no longer have their qualifications recognised in their current place of residence, whilst all ex-pats could face issues around healthcare, social security and study.

In the event of a ‘no deal’, British citizens travelling to EU countries could potentially lose their free movement rights and be considered ‘third country nationals.’

So, What Does This Mean?

The bottom line to all of this is that no one really knows what will happen or how likely a ‘no deal’ is. The consequences could range from a longer queue at the airport through to loss of jobs, legal issues for employers and the right to remain altogether.

For anyone concerned with the more serious issues surrounding Brexit, contacting an immigration lawyer may be worthwhile and highly effective.


Do You Need a Birth Certificate Translation to Immigrate to the UK?

Moving to a new country is challenging in more than one ways. Leaving a life behind isn’t easier, even if it’s for a greater good. UK is a place where people look forward to realizing their dreams, dreams of having stable jobs, dreams of getting higher education, dreams of finding the love of their lives and so on. Some might fancy a visit UK for its historical monuments. Reasons could be unlimited, but an enormous number of people immigrate to UK every year. And for all of them, one thing is for certain. The correct documentation. Do you need a birth certificate translation to immigrate to UK?

Let’s find out.

Every year a lot of people get rejected by the immigration department on the basis of incomplete documentation. Over the years, people have learnt that if they are living in a country where English is not the first language, they need to translate their necessary documents, so yes, you do need a birth certificate translation for immigrating to UK. In UK, birth certificate translation isn’t such a hard service to find but if you are living outside UK, you need someone who has just the right expertise for your task.

birth certificate translation to immigrate to UK

So what should you be looking for?

NO. 1 . A Reputable Translation Company

The most fundamental part of the game is to find the right player, in this case, the right kind of translation service. If you are going to UK and you need a birth certificate translation, it is always better to go with a company. UK birth certificate translation isn’t the same for every immigration department. Only the company that has a thorough understanding of UK immigration system will be able to translate accordingly.

But that’s not all, the company must be good. Both in terms of services and quality. For you cannot jeopardize your visa approval to a translation.

2 . A Company With Strong Online Presence

In today’s world, if a company has no website, it’s not a company at all. Without an engaging and active presence online, you just can’t be sure about the company’s work. In fact, it’s better to search the internet for the best translation company in UK. This way, you can also check out for their reviews, working style, translators and if they’re really good, you’ll get the chance to communicate with the live chat option.

3. Quick Delivery

This is very important, particularly in UK birth certificate translation. Most of the time, people tend to forget or delay certificate translations. And when the time comes, they realize that they have left behind an important thing undone. The urgency strikes hard and you are there in the misery. So the best company will only be the one that can deliver quickly. And there’s no second opinion about it.

4. Professional Translators

Immigration is the one thing you would never want to mess up. The process of immigration is perpetually meticulous, and making it an even more unpleasant one by choosing the wrong people is definitely not a wise choice. So check out for a company with translators who have been associated with immigration translations, especially in the UK.

5. Authenticity

Last but not the least, you must always check the credibility. You can check out for some sort of certification, membership etc. ATA certified member companies are the best to trust. ATA is a world renowned certification company and if a company has been certified by them, it’s certainly worth a try.

We hope that all of the above information will be helpful in acquiring birth certificate translation for UK.


What Are the Requirements for USCIS Birth Certificate Translation?

USCIS birth certificate translation requirements are particular. For immigration purpose, you often must submit copies of personal documents, like birth or marriage certificates.

Professional USCIS Birth Certificate Translations

The best way to make sure your translations for USCIS are done accurately is to use a translation agency experienced with certified translations. Professional agencies that are familiar with immigration problems will make sure that your documents are relevant to USCIS.

By submitting correctly translated documents the first time, you can avoid issues like delayed processing times or receiving the request for evidence.

The USCIS certified translations as: “All documents submitted in support of an application or petition must include a comprehensive translation into English. Also, there must be a certificate of accuracy from the translator showing that the translation is true and correct and attesting to his or her ability as a translator.”

uscis birth certificate translation

An explanation of the requirements for USCIS certified birth certificate translation:

  • Format

The certificate must be translated entirely and quickly, including signatures, stamps, dashes, etc. The translation must match the visible format of the certificate; for example, marks should be in the same places. If something isn’t fair, then the English translation requires to say “not legible.”

  • Accuracy

Accuracy is essential when dealing with official government documents. It is necessary to make sure that the translations that you submit are as accurate as possible.

  • Notarization

If the certificate is being submitted to USCIS, the certified translation does not have to be notarized. However, if the certificate is being presented outside of the U.S., for instance, to a foreign Consulate or Embassy, then it must be notarized.

  • Extracts

Sometimes the entire certificate is too lengthy and filled with irrelevant information. In such cases, an official selection can be used instead. These are adequate only if the selection includes all the essential information required to decide on a state. For instance, a genuine extract of a birth certificate which completely recognizes the child’s parents may be related in the help of a visa petition, while one that only places the child’s name, date of birth and birthplace may not. Also, only extracts made by an authorized official are acceptable. Just a simple review of a certificate prepared by a translator will not be accepted.

But What If the Birth Certificate Is Not in English?

Requirements of USCIS birth certificate translation states that all forms must be presented in English. Any immigration documents or affidavits also be in English. If any needed documents are not in English, USCIS requires that a certified translation is presented as well.

What If a Birth Certificate Is Not Accessible?

If a birth certificate is not accessible from the government, a notarized affidavit with the correct data is needed from one of the parents. If the parents are not alive, then any older family relative can give the affidavit.

The affidavit must include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Parents’ full names
  • Parents’ dates of birth
  • Parents’ place of birth
  • Parents’ date of marriage

The affidavit must be completed by a certificate from the government stating that no record of the birth certificate is available. If a parent or another relative provide the affidavit, it also must say the connection with the candidate and how well the family knows the candidate. The affidavit and any accompanying detail will need to be translated before listing with immigration certificates.

Always remember that birth certificates issued by consulates and embassies are not valid for immigration goals, as officials extract information from your passport to make the certificate and no legal record is reviewed for correctness.

If you have an immigration concern that needs you to get a birth certificate translated from a foreign language into English, contact professional translation companies. They are expert in providing USCIS birth certificate translation services. They know the requirements of immigration for foreign-language documents.

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IT Governance and Legal Compliance; How to Practical and Effective?

Every small and big enterprise needs legal compliance and IT governance. It is important to ensure that the company has the right support for their business management and success. The corporates are formally powered by IT governance by the lawyers and legal advisors like Dolan Dobrinksy Rosenblum, LLP who help the businesses. Effective practical compliance manages and strengthens the company with all legal requirements. It is important for a competitive environment of the corporates to helping to stand them as unique. Here is the complete guide on how it can prove effective for your business.

IT Governance and Legal Compliance
Image by pexels

What is IT Governance?

It is the framework that ensures that organizations’ structure gets enough IT support for achieving their business objectives. IT governance provides the future strategy for the businesses that are actually the formal framework for the companies that they can follow and achieve their goals. This framework considers the interests of the stakeholders, staff and the employees to make the process working and helpful for all. To sum it up, IT governance of the most important part of enterprise governance.

Why Organizations Need It?

It is extremely important for multinational companies and leading organizations. It also increases competitiveness among the corporates. A balanced and integrated IT support is the best investment you can ever make for your company.

Companies and corporates are subjected to so many regulations by the authorities that provide them with the security of their data, information, damage recoveries and financial accountability. The corporates among others with IT governance can have better relations with the market, employees, stakeholders and consumers. A formal IT program is required to be implemented for the best working, practice and control for all internal and external obligations.

Both Public and Private Sector require IT governance

It is also crucial for the public and private sector to make sure that their IT section is working well and it supports their strategies and goals. The established and supportive technology system for accountability and financial support need time and effort. The larger organizations have a goal to reach a point for being a developed and flourishing state where IT governance is fully regulated. Small business organizations might need practising only necessary elements of the IT governance but the big companies need to have a mature and complete strategy.

How to Implement the Program?

An IT governance program can be implemented with the help of the legal advisories and firms that provide support and services in this regard. You can ask the business experts or experienced corporate IT governance program providers certain frameworks to you and your company. You can choose from a number of frameworks for streamlining and operations. It is the investment that is best for your business management and achieving milestones.

You can ensure a program is best for you and your business and monitor the progress of the business while keeping it aligned with the parties.

Consider Compliance

You should consider the framework that it should comply with the company regulations, risks and responsibilities. It should speed the growth by taking decisions for the company. It should also help the company to keep going for day-to-day operations. IT governance and legal compliance should be mature but flexible for better capabilities.