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4 Reasons Why You Need To Own A Signal Booster

Hello! Hello! Can you hear me? Can you repeat what you have just said? Many of us frequently use these phrases daily while struggling to talk over the phone. Weak cellular signals and slow network connection cause such agitating situations. However, the technology now has the answer i.e. Signal Boosters/ Amplifiers. These devices can catch the weak signals around your premises, strengthen them, and then redistribute them in your building.

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Today, we will discuss the top four reasons why a signal booster is an absolute necessity for every household and business office.

Building Infrastructure

The influx of population is increasing the need for buildings and housing around us on a daily basis. The impenetrably thick walls and concrete roofs in the civil infrastructure pose a major threat to the propagation of signals through them. This reduces the strength of cellular signals received by most of us inside our premises. Therefore, the use of a signal booster is going to become vital in nearly all households in the upcoming time. Owning a signal booster like Nikrans NS-550GDW Triband Booster will help you get seamless cellphone signal strength and adapt to the new tech in no time.

Poor Or Wavering Signals

Towers cover a certain area for signal distribution. Therefore, you may experience poorer signals in certain areas of your premises. This can confine your communication to specific regions. Install a signal booster/amplifier and it will transmit the strong signals perfectly throughout your house. You will not have to face dropped or disrupted calls anymore.

Signal Interference

Most modern communication relies on the propagation of radio signals in one form or another. Wifi, Bluetooth, and other means of communication add up to the crowded air space. This decreases the quality of signals by a huge margin. The enormous population living in the cities requires strong signals to meet their communication needs. Usually, the tower signals are not enough for such a big population, and the end-users seldom receive undisturbed signals that are strong enough to cater to their demands. Hence, owning a signal amplifier is vital for every household or office situated in a densely crowded area.

Enhances Safety

The signal booster devices are highly safe and helpful. The frequency they emit is totally within the safe limits put forward by the global standards. Furthermore, this booster can improve your home safety. What good is your home alarm system if you are unable to reach out to 911 in time due to poor cellular signals? Therefore, owning a quality signal booster makes better and timely communication possible.

Once you buy a fine signal booster, you will relieve yourself of the tension regarding missing calls or not being able to answer one. You could receive important business and emergency calls throughout the day in any part of your premises. Not just the phone calls would become clearer; the web-surfing will be faster, as well. Moreover, you will not experience any lag while playing online games, attending online meetings, or watching a Netflix show. In a nutshell, a signal booster can enhance the quality of your life by making your communications faster and reliable.

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Top 4 Best Smartphone for Business Professionals in 2019

Month on month, year on year, smartphones are becoming more advanced, more compact and better equipped. This makes them a wonderfully powerful tool when it comes to business ventures. Best Smartphone for Business is the main tool in growing business.

Thanks to smartphones, your contacts are just a tap away. And your social media presence can be constant, aiding better business development.

Arguably, the only pitfall of the smartphone is knowing which one to purchase. Here, we review some of the best-tried and tested high-end smartphones of 2019 thus far.

Best Smartphone for Business Professionals

best smartphone for business
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iPhone XS

It may have been a topsy-turvy start to the year for Apple. But don’t let that put you off the iPhone XS. It’s far from a slightly marked-up version of the iPhone 8. And is actually the best iPhone ever made, with the pinnacle of Apple’s smartphone design.

Equipped with a Gigabit-class LTE 512 GB of storage, and an intelligent A12 bionic chip and neural engine, the XS’ graphics performance is 50% faster than other models. Additionally, it also boasts performance cores that are 15% faster, but is 50% lower in power usage too, with impressively efficient cores. This all makes the XS one of the fastest and Best Smartphone for Business on the market. This means that your business needs won’t be halted, even for a second.

iPhone XS
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Samsung Galaxy S9+

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is another incredibly powerful smartphone, also perfect for business use. Powered by Bixby Vision. This device is able to translate 54 languages on signs and menus. This is ideal for when you are navigating your way through foreign countries and will minimize the stress of any business trips you take.


Google Pixel 2 XL

With the help of Google Assistant, the Pixel 2XL is able to listen to your commands, text, turn on Bluetooth and set reminders for you. Google Assistant can even activate Google Lens. A feature that is able to identify landmarks, objects and even scan business cards to automatically add contact information into your phone.

Google Pixel 2-XL
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The device can also offer up to seven hours of battery life, with a charge of just 15-minutes. A powerful battery means you will never have to miss a business call due to a dead phone. And never again will you have to learn the harsh lesson of why missed calls can often mean missed business opportunities.


LG V35 ThinQ

The LG V35 ThinQ is another device worth considering, and, like the Pixel 2. It is also powered by Google Assistant. The phone is able to identify objects you hover your phone over. And also pick up your voice in noisy environments – no business call will have to wait due to not being heard.

Microsoft Lumia 950

This device is similar to that of a mini PC. The Lumia 950 is powered by Windows 10 and the smartphone syncs with all Windows 10 devices that you own – laptops and computers included. This is especially helpful for your business, as it means you can easily access any of your Office documents, spreadsheets, notes, photos, and presentations from the tip of your fingers.

You’re also able to connect the Lumia 950 to a Microsoft Display Dock, using it as a computer to access your files from any Windows app to, so you can work comfortably on the move, regardless of whether you have your laptop.

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Managing Your Kid’s Smartphone Use

The first thing you need to know about cell phones and children is that there are good reasons for your child to own a cell phone. But that’s only one piece of the important information you need to consider. This article will also cover the following questions:

  • Which cell phone is best for kids?
  • What is the appropriate age for cell phone ownership?
  • What are the appropriate activities for kids on cell phones?
  • What are the best security measures for kids using cell phones?
  • What should you do if the cell phone gets lost or stolen?
Kid's Smartphone Use
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You may have heard different advice about kids and cell phones from a few years ago. But a lot has changed with cell phones and society over the past decade. This is a new world. And navigating it properly requires new approaches. The first thing to consider is the choice of phone:

What Is the Best Phone for Kids:

As with each of the questions we are addressing, it all depends on your definition of kids. What is right for a 17-year-old will not be right for a 7-year-old. But they both could be called kids. Even if we are talking about kids that are the same age, it still comes down to differences in maturity and temperament.

Because Jitterbug phones are made for simplicity, it may be the right choice for many children below the age of 8. The design of the phone suggests its purpose and limitations. Those limitations should be seen as features rather than bugs.

If your child is responsible enough, there are also advantages to owning a more mainstream smartphone. Group messaging is a bid deal. Access to money via digital payment systems like Apple Pay can be a life-saver. As with most things. There is no one size fits all solution.

What Is the Right Age?

There is no right age. Your 8 year old may be equivalent to someone else’s 10-year-old. If they can learn how to use the important functions of a phone at 6, you should get them a phone at 5. The point is not to wait for a specific age. It is to get some type of phone into the hands of your kid as soon as they are able to handle it. A starter phone will do. The big smartphones can come later.

What Should Kids Be Doing with Call Phones?

If the only thing your kid does with a cell phone is carry it, then their safety is increased exponentially. They need never use if for anything for it to be useful. But at minimum, they should be able to call you, and at least two other trusted people in an emergency without having to remember phone numbers.

Beyond that, they should be able to send a text, play a game to keep them busy, use the calculator, look up words, and other things that can help them with school. There is plenty of time for them to grow into other functions.

What Are the Best Security Measure Kids Should Take?

It is important that kids use a 6 digit passcode and a biometric measure for unlocking their phone. Kids are prone to losing things. And there is sensitive information on the smartphone. So much of what kids need to do for security has to do with making it difficult for other people to get into the phone.

What Should You Do When the Phone Is Lost or Stolen?

First, you should consider it a given that the phone will at some point be lost or stolen. To prepare for that, be sure Activation Lock is on. Opt for carrier insurance programs that replace lost or stolen phones. If stolen, call the police.

Don’t try to recover the phone yourself. And if the phone cannot be recovered in an appropriate amount of time, remote wipe it to protect your data. Use two-factor authentication when possible.

A cell phone is like a good coat. Of course your kid should have one. It is just a matter of getting the right one for your child. Too much phone can be a bad thing. Age is not a factor. It is more about usability and responsibility. Make sure they can do the basics, and use parental controls for the rest. Set them up for success in the beginning, and they will do just fine with a cell phone.

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Why You Should Buy Your Kids A Cell Phone (And How To Set Rules)

When it comes to buying your kid his or her first cell phone, it’s not a question of “if” you should go ahead and do it; it’s a question of “when” is the best time to do it.

You should buy it for them when they are they are old enough to learn how to use it. They should be able to use the basic functions, like calling and texting. It doesn’t hurt if they are also able to use a few apps, too.

Another criterion is to buy them a cell phone when they are responsible enough not to damage it or lose it. When buying the phone, also buy accessories that will protect the device. If you’re buying an iPhone because you believe that Apple devices are highly intuitive then you should research a phone that your child will find easy to use.

Additionally, if you’re looking at iPhone models, be sure to review the best iPhone screen protectors for the phone you pick. It’s only too easy for someone to drop or scratch a mobile device. You will have many occasions to be glad that you took the time to figure out how to protect the smartphone from accidental damage.

Buy Your Kids A Cell Phone
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4 Benefits of Having a Phone

As a parent, you probably have some reservations about buying the phone. Perhaps, for instance, you’re concerned that they will accidentally stumble upon the “dark side” of the Internet. Fortunately, by installing a parental control tool, this should not be a concern.

There are too many advantages to having a cell phone to deny them the opportunity, and here are three reasons why it’s a good idea:

First, it will increase your child’s safety and security. It’s a sad fact of modern society that kids can go missing. Since the cell phone has a GPS, you can track your child if they aren’t at school when you go to pick them up or they wander off when you are shopping with them. If something should happen to your child—say they have an accident and need help, a cell phone will empower them to make an emergency all.

Second, it will enhance their ability to communicate. You can communicate with your child when you need through calls or texting. Perhaps, you need to pick them up from an after school curriculum but they don’t know when it will be over. Perhaps, you are running late when you’re supposed to pick them up and want to let them know so that they don’t feel abandoned. Perhaps, you need to remind them of something after they’ve left the house. There are many instances in which you need to communicate. Your child can also communicate with their friends and let them know when they are free to come out and play.

Third, it will provide education and entertainment. A cell phone is essentially a pocket-sized computer that makes it easy to look up any information. Your child can study things that they are curious about when you go on vacation or use the Internet to get help with any school subject when they are doing their homework. Many classrooms now even use mobile devices and computers as a teaching aid. For instance, the online math course, Khan Academy, is often used by teachers to teach math. Since kids learn better by watching video instructions because they can rewind the video as many times as they need, teachers have flipped the classroom. They allow their students to learn from the online lessons and then just teach concepts that they didn’t understand.

Entertainment is just as important for kids as it is for adults. Mobile games can help them improve cognitive and motor learning skills and music can help them chill out as they do their homework.

Cell Phone Rules

Naturally, you will need to have some rules around cell phone usage. It’s advisable to offer to buy them the cell phone only after they agree to your rules. In fact, if you’re up to it, even create a contract to show them that you are serious and that they will lose all their phone privileges if they should break the rules.

Here are some reasonable rules:

  1. They should take full responsibility for the cell phone, being careful not to damage it or lose it.
  2. They should not call or text anyone that you have not authorized.
  3. Since it’s difficult to monitor all their online activities, use parental controls to reinforce any rules you might have about the category of websites they are allowed to visit. iPhones have built in parental controls that you just have to enable.
  4. They should not lend the cell phone out to their friends.
  5. They should practice common courtesy when using the phone, for instance, not use it when sharing a family meal.
  6. They should not use it for any pranks, revenge, or bullying.

Naturally, you will probably come u with some more rules, but these will give you a general idea.

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Distract Your Attention from Phubbing

In new era people prefer to make them busy by using technology. But somehow, access of using technological devices, should be prohibited specially for children and younger ones.

They are forgetting their moral and ethical values. Although, Telecommunication System brought many solutions for the competitive business in the world.

It is now a common occurrence to constantly check emails, text messages, Whatsapp / Viber alerts and Facebook updates in social settings so much so that a new word “phubbing” has been aroused which means ignoring someone in the same room and preferring to focus on the substitute of cell phone.

People seem to do chatting and texting but lost the ability to converse or listen to their near and dear ones
Phubbing and snubbing on phone are affecting our relationship. Parents are unable to give their quality of time to their children.

They make them busy by giving mobile or other gadgets, while parents can perform their own activities in peace. This is causing children to be emotionally detached from the parents, siblings and grandparents. Romantic partners are losing their levels of satisfaction due to phubbing and distraction of mobile phones.

There are some rules that people should follow in order not to miss use of devices.

  • First, people should avoid phones when they have family gathering.
  • Every person when wakeup in the morning should not have a feeling of cell phone around them.
  • Keep in our mind that social network is not our real life, unless we are full-time blogger or researcher.

In October 2015, media outlets (such as TODAY and Digital Trends) reported on a study by James A. Roberts, professor of marketing at Baylor University Hankamer School of Business, that was published in the journal “Computers in Human Behavior”.

The study consisted of two separate surveys of more than 450 U.S. adults to learn the relational effects of “phubbing” or partner phubbing. The survey found that 46.3 percent of respondents said their partner’s phubbed them, and 22.6 percent said it caused issues in their relationship. In an interview with Yahoo! Health, Roberts said, “We found that the ones that reported higher partner phubbing fought more with their partner and were less satisfied with their relationship than those who reported less phubbing.”


Researchers James. A. Roberts pointed out different types of phone snubbing behavior in his book Computers in Human Behavior that have become common in today. James. A. Roberts noted that “My life has become a major distraction from my cell phone.”

Phubbing is stated as “demolishing the relationship” and it is the total

End of Civilization.”