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City Life vs Country Living: Which One is Right for You?

These days, property developments can be found in every area of the country. With so much choice, it can often be difficult settling on where to live, as different locations will all have their own pros and cons.

If you are torn between country life and the hustle and bustle of the city. Here are the good and bad points to keep in mind when choosing which one is right for you.

Country Life
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Advantages of City Life

One of the biggest advantages of city life is the fact that the city never sleeps. No matter what time it is, day or night, you can find something to do, somewhere to go, and something to eat.

City life also puts you in the centre of the job market, as this is where the majority of employers will be. This means that there is plenty of choice for those with in-demand roles. Moreover, giving you the pick of the bunch when choosing your next place of work.

Then there are the amenities to think of. From food shopping to clothes shopping and leisure pursuits, living in the city puts you in close proximity to all of these facilities. Whereas living in the country you would have far less choice, and even something as trivial as going to see a movie could take some serious planning.

For those that don’t drive, there is also the matter of transport to consider. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a proper public transport infrastructure anywhere in the countryside with most people relying on their cars to get around. Of course, by staying in the city you’ll be able to benefit from every mode of transport on offer, allowing you to easily get around even without a car.

Disadvantages of City Life

Of course, living in the city has some downsides too, which is why you may decide that country life is better suited to your needs. The reason which causes most people to move to the country is the cost of living. From rent to food shopping and even joining the gym, the cost of nearly everything is bigger in the city, and even the suburbs, than it is in the country.

Then there is the pollution to consider, the congestion, and the increased crime rate. All of these factors make city life unappealing to a wide range of people. Those starting a family will be particularly bothered about clean air and living in a safe area, in which case country life will easily win out over city-centre living.

Advantages of Country Life

There’s really no two ways about it. The biggest advantage of moving to the country is the gorgeous views that you will wake up to, day after day. If you are a nature lover then living in the country will be the right choice for you. Although, enjoying the sights that city dwellers often drive hours to enjoy.

Along with that gorgeous views comes the peace and quiet that many escapes to the countryside for. You can often go hours without hearing or seeing a single car drive past, allowing to enjoy the gentle sounds of nature. The lack of cars in the county also means far less pollution and plenty of crisp, clean air for you to breathe.

Disadvantages of Country Life

As with city living, country life also has some downsides. So it is worth keeping this in mind when deciding where you would prefer to live. One of the biggest hassles you will face is getting anything delivered. Mail often comes more sporadically than in urban areas, and you can wave goodbye to takeaways as you’re unlikely to find somewhere that delivers in the country.

Living in the country also means that modern amenities like a superfast fibre broadband connection become a thing of the past, with even mobile phone signals struggling in some of the more remote areas. So if you are a keen video streamer or someone who likes to stay connected at all time. You may find country life difficult to adjust to.

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