Five Clever Ways Businesses Are Going Green

With a growing number of the population looking to do business with companies that have highly sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, there’s increasing pressure on any business to improve their carbon footprint and minimize emissions. However, overhauling your entire company’s processes and procedures can seem like a costly exercise that diminishes profit margins and any ability your company may have to grow.

There are, however, innovative and quick ways to implement a greener way of doing business into your company’s day to day affairs. These quick wins can add up to a much bigger impact overall as well as encouraging further change in the future. When people begin to become aware of how their actions can make a significant impact on carbon emissions, they start to behave differently, which can amount to a big impact.

In this article, we list five clever ways businesses are going green so that you can introduce them to your office. They take very little forethought so you can start reaping the greener ramifications almost immediately.

Clever Ways Businesses Are Going Green

Quick Hacks To Make Your Business Greener

Just implementing one or two of these can be beneficial to your company’s carbon footprint, but introducing all of them as soon as possible will have the biggest effect.

Less printing

Start by trying to reduce the amount of paper your company uses. Ask yourself and your employees whether it’s necessary for them to print out as much as they are currently. By reducing the amount that your firm prints, you’re not only saving paper but also reducing the amount of electricity used in the act of printing as well. Ink is obviously also saved and all the plastic parts that an ink cartridge uses.

Making use of reused and recyclable items

So many companies have a culture of buying new all the time. However, buying reused items can be an easy way to cut costs at your company as well as reducing your impact on the environment. Buying new each time you buy any item — be it a desk, chair, or any other type of office equipment — involves more manufacturing than is required if you buy something that is pre-loved. Additionally, making use of older items until they are truly in need of replacing them is key, and increasing the use of recyclable items is also vital. Think about recyclable cutlery for example, but also bigger objects. There are so many ways you can use recycled items these days – right down to your very flooring.

Branded water bottles

Plastic bottles and plastic water cups are one of the biggest perpetrators of litter that end up in our seas and oceans, and consequently our beaches. To try to minimize how many water bottles and cups your firm uses, it’s a good idea to provide employees with a reusable bottle for their desks. These can be branded, further promoting your company as a green business. It may be a bigger investment at first than just providing a water fountain and cups, but over the longer term it will pay off.


A big expense for most firms is lighting. For that reason, so many companies try to use the cheapest bulbs possible to minimize costs. In the longer term, however, it can be much cheaper (not to mention much greener) to buy energy-saving light bulbs. They last longer and they also use far less energy trying to power them. In the past, people have complained about the lighting that energy-saving light bulbs have provided – however, the technology behind them has developed so much that you wouldn’t notice any difference now.

Hot desking

Hot desking and other innovative ways of getting your employees to work can have a big impact on your carbon footprint as well as those employees’ productivity. Make it part of your company culture, if possible, to work from home some days and use a hot desk on others. The reason this makes your company greener is that it reduces electricity costs, but also reduces your employee’s footprint by simply getting to work. Other ideas can involve holding meetings where everyone must stand – making meetings shorter, using less energy, and getting more done in the working day.

Quick And Clever Ways Businesses Are Going Green

Quick ways for your business to go green

Implementing green initiatives at your firm will become increasingly more pressing the more that our climate continues to change for the worse. Conserving energy and realizing the impact that each of us has on reducing waste is important, so it’s imperative that we do so during the working day as well as in our private home life. The list above mentions some quick but effective wins when it comes to going green, and there really is nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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