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5 Myths About Boilers

Boilers have long been used as the standard central heating equipment in homes. Normally running on oil or gas, condensing boilers have always been a popular choice. As the term itself suggests, boilers are based on water vapour condensation working principle. By using used fuel, the process involved allows better heat extraction. At the same time, if we talk about traditional boilers, the exhaust gases produced normally release into the atmosphere. A boiler, on the other hand, turns water into vapour, which exits along with the exhaust gases. Depending on the model of the boiler, if it happens to use this process, it is going to deliver higher efficiency. However, there are some myths attached to them as well that we would like to share and bust. Follow us.

Condensing Boilers

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Myth# 1

The first myth surrounding boilers is that they are only going to work at their optimum if they are condensing fully. However, the professionals in this area have stated that boilers do not need to condense fully in order to operate efficiently as they pack big heat exchangers.

Myth# 2

The second myth surrounding boilers is the cost. Many homeowners tend to believe that these are expensive units and therefore, do not prefer to install. However, it is totally the opposite. With so much advancement in the field of thermodynamics, heat exchange materials are not that expensive as they used to be previously. New boiler cost is quite low. The manufacturing costs have been cut down resulting in the prices to step down as well.

Myth# 3

It is often believed that boilers require a large radiator to run. You may consider it half-truth. As a matter of fact, you can achieve marginal gains of about 3% by coupling the condenser boiler with a radiator that is outsized. However, that is neither practical nor efficient in terms of cost. Therefore, you should not be concerned with a condenser boiler having a standard sized radiator during central heating installation. In the long run, an oversized radiator is not going to help you anyways, as suggested by experts.

Myth# 4

This myth is related to the reliability of the boilers. Many people believe and still, believe that boilers are not reliable. There was a time when boilers would come out with less reliable parts as compared to newer traditional heating systems. In a way, you can say it is the truth but today’s heating systems come with advanced technology that happens to be much more reliable than previous old systems. Therefore, making them excellent in reliability and quality.

Myth# 5

Last but not least, many people assume that the installation of boilers, especially that of condensing boilers is a tough task. Well, that would stand to be true in case if you hire an unprofessional to do the job. However, once they understand the significance of installing one, they always try to go with a reputed professional service, meaning less hassle and better quality of work. It must be remembered however that homeowners should decide the best suitable place for installing condensate drain. Apart from this, the installation of a boiler is not that different from installing an electric boiler or ordinary gas.

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