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Contemporary Tech for the Home

What tech do you currently have around the house? As 2019 gets underway, now is the perfect time to reassess your home. Have you been hankering after some smart gadgets to make things run a little more smoothly? If so, here are some clever ideas to help make things easier.

contemporary tech for the home
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Smart thermostats such as Nest have been around for a few years now, and they are proving to be a useful addition, especially during the colder winter months. These devices have been introduced to make heating the home a straightforward process.

As well as allowing you to schedule the heating to be switched on at times that suit you, you can control it remotely via an app on your smartphone or using a voice command system such as Alexa or Google. So, whether you get in from work at 6pm and want a toasty home waiting for you, or you want to warm the house up before you return from a weekend away, you can use your smart thermostat to do just that.


The latest data from the Office of National Statistics reveals that burglars gained access through a door around 70% of the time and via windows the remaining 30%. With this in mind, it’s clear that gadgets that keep your property secure are among some of the most important investments you can make around the home.

There are plenty of smart options available to suit your needs, however one of the latest additions is the smart ring video doorbell that allows you to see who is at your front door even when you’re out of the house. As soon as someone rings the doorbell, an alert is sent to your smartphone to let you know and you can speak to whoever is there.


To make the lighting in your home interesting, why not try smart lightbulbs? Philips has created Hue. These lightbulbs fit in normal lamps and light fittings and, once you’ve added them to your lamp, you then use an app on your phone to control them.

As well as allowing you to dim them, you can control the colours they emit. This colour-changing feature means that you can sync them with your TV, allowing you to enhance the atmosphere. If you’re watching a comedy, you could select an orange or sunny yellow, or perhaps a deep purple for something scary.

Whether you want to make your home more entertaining or you need to rethink security this year, there are lots of exciting innovations to choose from. What will you invest in in 2019?

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