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Top 10 Cool Home Gadgets You Can Buy Today!

It is a natural instinct with the human beings to seek comfort and luxury as much as possible and affordable. Comfort comes both from the inner contentment and the daily-based facilitation being provided through the cool home gadgets we use in our homes. Here, all of us are in face of a problem as to which cool home gadgets are useful and which are just unnecessary. In order to enable you to make the right decision, we have discussed ten worthwhile cool home gadgets which will surely benefit you if you go with them.

The August Doorbell Cam Pro:

August Doorbell Cam Pro

Security of a house is the prime most factor towards a safe and sound smart home idea. A smart doorbell serves a lot in this regard and keeps you mentally relaxed and well-secured. If you replace your existing wired doorbell with the August Doorbell Cam Pro, you will be able to see and communicate with whosoever is at your door with the help of a full colour HD video being displayed on your smartphone.

Connected with your smartphone 24/7, this.or-bell  possesses its own LED glow and floodlight which turn on as soon as any movement is detected even at night. This smart doorbell integrated with Alexa for ease of use can also record video with Hindsight even a few seconds before someone approaches the door. In short, you will always remain well aware of your home entrance.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Bundle:

Immensely popular nowadays, smart locks grant you the idea of keyless entry for your home and an ideal 24/7 security as well. With this lock, you can control and monitor your front door from anywhere there is an internet connection. Integrated well with Alexa, Siri Google assistant, and IFTTT, this smart lock can also be controlled with your voice. You can also track who is coming and going into and out of your home with a 24/7 activity log right on your smartphone.

iDevice Thermostat:

Pretty economical, iDevice Thermostat not only presents a modern look but also never proves a drain on your budget. It lies in between the cheapest but ugliest common thermostat and a very expensive Wi-Fi smart thermostat. If you are connected to the internet, you can control the temperature with your smartphone. Able to respond voice commands, iDevice Thermostat can also be controlled verbally if integrated with Alexa or Siri.

It also works with most heating and cooling systems if you remain connected with a “C” wire. So, it is remarkable being modern as well as economical at one and the same time.

Air mega 300s Smart Air Purifier:

Airmega 300s Smart Air Purifier

This most advanced air purifier so far is equipped with a smart mode able to adjust the air filtration speed as per room’s current air quality. A brightly coloured LED ring is also there to tell you the freshness of the surrounding air. It will also keep you alert about the changes in quality of the air surrounding you. This smart 300s Air Purifier is also loaded with a lifetime filter indicator guiding you exactly when to change the filter. This internet connected smart gadget also has a sleep mode that reduces the fan speed when you are sleeping. Capable of smartphone usage and tracking with the app, this is undoubtedly the best cool home gadget.

LIFX Mini:

These smart bulbs having a very intuitive companion app are very vibrant, flawless, easy to set and connectable to IFFTTT and Alexa. They give an output of 800 lumens and possess a smaller form factor than the original LIFX A19 bulbs. Hence, it will be quite possible for us to fix them in the lamps where a bulb with a lower profile is required. So, LIFX Mini is also a very economical and wonderful cool home gadget.

Geeni Vision Security Camera:

Geeni Vision Security Camera

This is a super cheap smart home security camera which is very easy to set up and connectable to your smartphone or tablet. In addition to providing a 720P live streaming video of your home, it can also send alerts whenever there is motion in the room. It can also record the happenings and facilitate you to watch them later. Equipped with a mic and speaker unit, it enables you to listen to the room and talk to anyone inside. With all of its marvelous ability, this Greeni app walks you through the setup in 30 second time which is why we have included it in the list of best cool home gadgets.

Neato Botvac Wi-Fi Connected:

Neato Botvac Wi-Fi Connected

This home gadget is a vacuum cleaner connectable to your home Wi-Fi for smart home integration with things like Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. Neato companion app is capable of cleaning your floors even in your absence provided you are connected to the internet. Loaded with Laser smart mapping and navigation, it can plan and methodically clean everything rather than just getting stuck on something while politely bumping into your couch.

Moreover, this Wi-Fi connected smart vacuum cleaner possesses two modes. The first mode, called Eco, gives a quieter and longer cleaning saving a lot of energy while the second mode, called Turbo, blesses you with a super-powered quick cleaning of your floors and other things with maximum pet-hair removal.

Petcube Bites Pet Camera:

Petcube Bites Pet Camera

With a majestic 1080P HD colour video and a 158 degree wide-angle view, complete with night vision and 3x digital zoom, this useful cool home gadget allows you to keep an eye on your pet and home when you are far away. Besides being able to talk to and hear from your pet, you will also be able to FLING treats at your pet remotely with the help of your smartphone. Further more, with a capacity of 2 pounds of the treat, this gadget enables you to play with your pet even from your office.

Logitech Pop:

This most frequently used home gadget allows you to control multiple things with a simple push of button. Even without the actual presence of your smartphone, everyone at home can use this smart gadget. It can do wonders for your facilitation regarding common household tasks with just a push of button. Teal, coral, alloy and white are the colours in which this gadget is assembled and can easily be stuck to the wall with a tape while its button can be set on your desk or anywhere else. With the Logitech POP, you can let your kids turn on the T.V, turn on Netflix, Lower the lights or turn them a certain colour, turn on your favorite music right when you step into the threshold, etc.

Frigidaire Wi-Fi Smart Window Air Conditioner:

It always causes extreme nuisance when you forget to switch off your Ac while leaving home and it occurs to your mind when at office, but you are helpless then. Same is the case when you want to switch it on before you get home, but you can’t do so without being at home. But now, with this Wi-Fi smart A.C, you can do so even from your office without a slightest hitch. No doubt, a bit costly, but it is too useful a cool home gadget.

These are some of the best cool home gadgets which will facilitate you to the maximum.

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