What Digital Marketing Mistakes Can Kill Your Business?

Putting together a digital marketing campaign can be rather like painting a picture: everything seems fine when you’re actually doing it, but once you notice the errors, they stand out like a sore thumb. If you’ve had a few too many of these moments, you need to diligently cut out those blunders.

Marketing Mistakes
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5 Easy-to-Make, Hard-to-Forget Digital Marketing Mistakes

Naturally, though, if they really were “obvious” errors, you wouldn’t have made them in the first place. Here are good examples of marketing mistakes that can only seem blatant with the benefit of hindsight.

1. Not setting – and reassessing – your goals

What do you want to achieve with your company? You might have a vague idea, but you ought to set specific objectives – both for the short and long term. Furthermore, those goals need to be both realistic and measurable. Otherwise, frustration could too easily arise.

Once you’ve got specific goals in mind, you can, over time, see how near you are to realising them and whether, at any time, you should shift your strategy to prevent yourself veering off course.

2. Targeting too many people – or the wrong people

One especially good reason to narrow down your goals is that, otherwise, you could too often direct your marketing messages at people little-inclined to heed them. Digital growth strategist Gabriel Shaoolian insists in a Forbes article that you must get to know your audience’s “pain points”.

Certain other people in the marketing sphere might already know intimately what those are. These people include “influencers” whose followers could be in your target market.

3. Only courting those influencers with large followings

Influencers have already formed a strong bond with their followers, so it’s unsurprising that, when an influencer recommends a specific product to these people, they can be all ears. However, it isn’t necessarily the case that those influencers with the most followers should be your go-to options.

In an Inc. article, Skybell Video Doorbell founder Andrew Thomas urges you to prioritise seeking influencers with high levels of engagement instead. The influencer marketing agency Socially Powerful could help you to forge a partnership with influencers who align with your goals.

4. Not including or updating a blog on your site

If your website currently lacks a blog, it needs one. The marketing guru Neil Patel points out that businesses with blogs amass 97% more inbound links, which bodes well for online traffic.

With a blog, you can also foster a productive conversation with your potential customers. To this end, include a comments section where you can reply directly to users’ remarks.

5. Ignoring abandoned shopping baskets

If you run an eCommerce site, you could often find that shoppers place items in their basket but then… don’t proceed to the checkout. What’s putting them off? Perhaps the shipping fee is too high, or you don’t accept a wide enough range of payment methods.

Shoppers are also often deterred by eCommerce sites that want them to set up an account on the site. Therefore, give them the option of buying as a guest instead.

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